Sep 21, 2015

A journey to natural skin radiance....

Taking care of our face is a way of showing we love and respect ourselves. This garners some respect from others and makes our loved ones feel proud of us, in some ways. And after all, doesn't it feels good to look good?!!

Grooming is very important to us women. It is not just showering and brushing our teeth. It is proper skin care that includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Our skin defines us and make us all appear different; it is amazing what our skin can really do.  Thus, maintaining our skins health  is very important. Great skin improves the way we feel about ourselves and in turn glowing, healthy skin helps to promote our well being.  It goes without saying that we all will age but how quickly our skin ages can be slowed down if we care of our skin. 

And I for one do not believe in cosmetic surgeries or botox to improve the look of out skin. I think there is no short cut way about it and we really have to put in the effort to take good care of our skin so that we can grow old gracefully....

And with all that being said, I was introduced the Skin Soul range of products. This  100% Paraben-free and lead-free products are developed by its founder, Dr Joanne Au Yong. SkinSoul products are gentle to the most sensitive skin while restoring our skin's soul through the miraculous powers of nature and totally free from any ingredients that is dangerous to our skin or health.

Many cosmetics use the dangerous ingredient Paraben as a preservative to prevent the growth of fungus, bacteria and other microbes. SkinSoul on the other hand uses its main ingredient Ashitaba. With powerful natural antibacterial properties, Ashitaba also doubles up as a natural preservative that creates a stable microbe-resistant formula safe for the most sensitive skin.

And yes, I do have combination skin and my skin can be pretty sensitive as I do tend to breakout in rashes and even once had my face turned patchy with redness from an incompatible skin care product...

With that being said, I was relieved to learn that only the most organic sources of Ashitaba, the purest glacial water to be the water base of all SkinSouls products and selected natural botanicals extracts with supporting nutrients and vitamins to fully nourish our skin were put together with years of research and development with the world's best beauty and personal care scientists in Switzerland to create a natural skincare and cosmetics line packed with nature's healing and the regenerative power of  Ashitaba to revitalise our skin's youth, beauty and radiance....

So let me introduce you to the SkinSoul Skin Shield line-up...As I have mention above, the Skin Shield skincare range is made from pure organic Ashitaba and a fusion of other precious botanical extracts with powerful  benefits that work in synergy for ultimate skin renewal in the kindest manner.

Do you know that the organic Ashitaba is packed with a unique array of phytonutrients, including 11 vitamins, 13 minerals, and potent antioxidants featuring a rare flavonoid called chalcones. This Ashitaba from Japan has powerful healing and regenerative abilities to reverse the signs of ageing, smooth wrinkles, fade age spots, regenerate skin elasticity and suppleness, heal skin irritation and brighten skin radiance.

Other ingredients include:
Red Microalgae Extract - that produces soluble porphyridium polysaccharide that gives the algae a remarkable tenacity to survive in unusually harsh conditions. This soluble polysaccharide protects our skin from oxidative damage and pollutants and guard it from skin damaging radiation.

Alps Botanical Stem Cells - extracted from an endangered species of apples grown only in the Swiss Alps, whose stem cells are an anti- aging breakthrough. Rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, its functions include triggering skin's stem cell drive potential for skin rejuvenation.

Daisy Flower Extract - this tonic flower extract is highly efficient as a natural skin lightener and brightening agent....

Swiss Glacier Water - uncontaminated water from the Valais Alps which is encapsulated in a liposomal formulation as a delivery system, which applies nanotechnology to increase therapeutic efficacy and reduce toxicities.

The Hydra-Purifying Cleanser - RM210.95

This cleanser is packed with skin vitamins and minerals of Ashitaba encapsulated in pure Swiss Glacier Water that gently washes out impurities, excess sebum and pollution while nourishing the skin's softness and suppleness.

With just a few drops of the cleanser, which is not too soapy, my skin feels cleansed and refreshed. I truly like the very faint natural scent as well. (forgive the above picture - it has filters as I had no choice but take a selfie in the bathroom by myself...)

Hydrating, Energizing & Pore Refining Lotion /Mist Spray - RM210.95

This came in a lotion form for me to use, but when you purchase it, it is a lightweight mist spray that can be used as part of our daily skincare routine as well as a refreshing spray that can be applied anytime during the day, even on top of your makeup , to rehydrate and energise the skin....

Since mine was in the lotion form, I used it as a toner. I like the refreshing feel on my skin after application and it also helped remove any leftover make up or grime left on the skin after cleansing...

Lift & Bright Serum- RM305.30

To target aging at the core, this serum has been formulated with smaller molecules of Ashitaba's anti-ageing essence that can penetrate into the deepest layers of skin to restore skin elasticity and firmness.

I was really impressed with this serum as it left my skin moist but not oily.

Night Cream - RM411.30

The Ashitaba -enriched night cream is designed to work in synergy with our skin's natural regeneration cycle by depositing  encapsulated retinol in precise concentrations that is time-released for constant skin reconditioning throughout the night.

I was slightly surprised that the liquid was somewhat mustard in colour but it blended and was absorbed quickly into the skin upon application. 

When I woke up next morning, my skin felt smooth and softer then usual.

12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream (SPF 50) - RM262.90

This 12-in-1 light-textured and easily absorbed day cream goes the extra mile by acting as both a powerful skin care with sun protection and as a makeup foundation that blends to any skintone, thanks to the unique benefits of Ashitaba-enriched properties that:

  • Hydrates and protect the skin
  • Unifies complexion
  • Whitens and brightens skin
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Conceals and corrects blemishes
  • Fights the signs of ageing
  • Protects skin from UV rays
  • Promotes natural skin health
  • Soothes skin irritation from environmental stress
  • Fights of damaging free radicals
  • Stimulates skin rejuvenation
  • Nourishes skin for a youthful radiance
When I heard that this was a 12-in 1 Suncare Day Cream, I was both excited and nervous. Excited as I am a lazy person, and like to do things all fast )I do not quite have the time to put on half a dozen creams or serums on my face and this was heaven sent and I was nervous as I wondered how thich or heavy it might be, but to my utmost surprise, I found it light and easy to glide on. It covered my pores and pigmentations almost flawlessly (yes, I am an old lady with more pores and pigmentation then a young girl in her early twenties have).. see picture below... this picture is without filters!!!

And I must say I really love this 12-in 1 Suncare Day Cream. If you were to ask me which one I want most of all among this whole range, it would have to be this... 

Of course, I would dearly love the whole range as they are all very gentle and effective on my skin... but to be honest, this range is a little too pricey, as most premium skincare products are, but I think this 12-in-1 Suncare Day Cream and the Night Cream would be well worth my investment....

However if you can afford the whole range, you totally should get the whole set. Your skin will thank you for it....

Oh, and you should join as a SkinSoul member for just RM58 in which you will receive 1 package of the lovely SkinSoul  Ultra Soft Facial Towellettes worth RM53.60!!!  By being a member, you will get 10% discount for all purchases and 20% during your birthday month!!!!

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  1. you looked different after applying the day cream. i can try it next time :)

    1. definitely... it comes with build in sunscreen and foundation and all...

  2. Wow, the day cream alone is RM262.90. A little steep. Have to save up a bit before the investment.

  3. Been using this product for few times! Really nice and easy to you as it makes my skin radiant ;)

  4. i wan to have ur skin too!
    good for travelling too!

  5. I tried this products.. They are so nice to use.. I like it!

  6. i think when you look good, automatically you feel good about yourself too. I wish I had a more fit body.. ><

    1. you look great as it is Isaac....perfect dad bod... hahah suppose to be the new in thing... being a little chubby but you aren't chubby also... with all that good food.... gaaahhh... where did it all go...


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