Sep 8, 2015

Feeling fresh and sweet the whole day with SAFI Fruity Fresh

Do you know it is important to cleanse your face to helps lessen the dirt or dust that can actually clog up your face?

You can get all day freshness now with the new SAFI Fruity Fresh Gel Facial Cleanser, the latest range of facial cleansers that is ideal for all skin types especially created for teenage girls....

The SAFI Fruity Fresh Gel Facial Cleanser has a soft texture with Micro-Beads technology that is safe for deep cleansing youthful skin. It has been formulated with 100% Fruit Active to give young skin an effective and natural cleansing..

So indulge and feel the joy of fresh and energized skin with 
the new SAFI Fruity Fresh

To use, just pour a little on your palm , add some water to it and then wash your face...

 Start your morning with a SAFI Fruity Fresh cleansing gel or use it after your Physical Education or exercise time. 

It easily seeps into the facial pores so that it can give complete facial care to your skin. This special formulation is easy to wash, deep cleanses and refreshes the skin so that the skin feels refreshed and oil free for the whole day. 

With three different variations of Safi Fruity Fresh, it can gives you the sweet aroma of fresh fruits as well as keeps your skin fresh and glowing....

I got my eldest daughter to try this product out and she likes it very much. She says that the texture was light and not too soapy , and she loved the fruity scent each of the facial cleaning gels had.

It also made her face cleaner,fresher and ready for the day ahead. My daughter has some breakouts on her face as well and she claims that after a few uses, her breakouts/ pimples seem to shrink and go away faster, leaving her with a smoother skin...


1.  Safi Fruity Fresh Lemon (Brightening)
100ml: RM9.90 
 50ml: RM5.00
Your secret to brighter skin! With lemon extract benefits, this cleanser can deep cleanses, and make your skin fresher and naturally brighter

2.   Safi Fruity Fresh Strawberry (Oil Free)
100ml: RM9.90 
 50ml: RM5.00
Be confident with oil-free skin. The benefits of Strawberry can lessen the oil on your skin. Known as the natural oil free agent, this sweet Strawberry will make you look your best with oil free skin and skin as smooth as silk.

3.   Safi Fruity Fresh Anggur (Refreshes and Scrub)
100ml: RM9.90 
50ml: RM5.00
Enjoy the benefits of grape that can exfoliate dead skin cells from within. This gel texture is ideal for teenage girls skin as well as freshens the face all day long…

You can get your SAFI Fruity Fresh now at any pharmacy, supermarket or hypermarket.. 

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