Sep 30, 2015

Malaysia’s Most Loved Coffee is now Online via 11street

Yours truly here was at the 11th Street HQ here in Malaysia to celebrate International Coffee Day with the online marketplace 11street ( and the No.1 coffee brand Nescafé, part of Nestle Malaysia. I got to take a peek at some shared insights of the latest coffee consumption trends  which was pretty fascinating, I must admit....

In case you still do not know of it, 11street is a trustworthy and convenient online marketplace that offers an amazing variety of products at competitive prices. It revolutionises your online shopping experience by making it more personalised and engaging. 

You will be impressed to learn that 11street product categories covers a wide range of Fashion, Electronics, Groceries, Health & Beauty, Kids & Baby, Leisure & Sports, Home & Living and Books & Services including deal offerings like E-vouchers. 

Since its beginnings in Korea back in 2008, 11street is currently one of the top global e-commerce marketplace providers with 400,000 sellers serving over 30 million consumers worldwide. 11street also has a presence in Turkey and Indonesia, known as n11 and elevenia, respectively. 

For more information, check out

Bruce Lim, the Vice President of Merchandising at 11street said that they were committed to help brands like Nescafé to capture the booming e-commerce market. In a country where people are becoming more connected on Internet, it is important to implement an efficient, truly Omni-channel strategy to entice and enthuse your target audience especially when they are the young digital generation.

With coffee becoming increasingly popular in Malaysia, there has also been a rise in the younger generation’s taste for high quality coffee. 

This has led to a boom in cafes opening up and coffee companies are now focusing more on innovation and the development of different product varieties to satisfy consumers’ needs.

Malaysia has originally been a tea-drinking nation, but the consumption of coffee is on the rise. 

In 2014, the Malaysian coffee market was good for a total of RM581.7 million. Malaysians indicate they drink about 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day. Moreover, these numbers are expected to grow with an additional 5.9% over the next 5 years.

Because of that Nescafé has made the decision to take their new innovative products, such as NESCAFÉ Mountain Wash and NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto to the next level and focus more closely on the younger generations by selling it online at 11street, Sherif Hani, Business Executive Manager (Beverages) at Nescafé said...

Hani shares that bringing its products to 11street enables Nescafé to connect directly with younger coffee lovers in Malaysia and offer them a platform to educate the consumers on ‘the art of coffee’.

Online channels allow brands like Nescafé to share fun recipes with consumers, have them brew new concoctions and inform them about combo purchases that make the whole coffee experience a lot more fun. It is this kind of self-enablement that turns consumers into fans, that would be much harder to convey in brick and mortar stores than via ecommerce.

That being said, members of the media including yours truly got to enjoy some uniquely concocted Dolce Gusto coffee in a variety of interesting flavours.

Seen here, one of the Nescafe Baristas made me a cup of Rose coffee... using Rose syrup...

And a pair of the cappucino capsules... we were shown how easy it was to operate the Krups Dolce Gusto coffee machine..

Just follow the instructions and with a press of the button from the first capsule, fresh cream came out from the machine....

Followed by fragrant coffee...

Then the Barista placed some ice cubes and grass jelly aka "cincau" on the drink...

And it was all done..... I was slightly skeptical drinking a Rose Coffee... 

But on trying it out.... it was delicious.... I loved for those of you who has one of this machines at home, go try it out!!!! It is really nice!!! 

Shortly after some chit chat and all with the people there and among some blogger pals, I decided to try a different cup of coffee... I love my iced coffee.. so I asked for a cold one...

The Nescafe / Dolce Gusto Barista decided to make me an Orange one this time with some syrup..(oopss...I forgot what syrup) a couple of oranges slices and mint leaves...

Then one single capsule of the Nescafe Dolce Gusto Expresso.....

I got to press the machine myself this time... and I was like a kid excited as I watch the machine brew my coffee...

Once it was done....

The Barista added some ice cubes...

And pressed a generous helping of whipped cream on top... 

My verdict, it was nice as well, but this one is more for expresso and double shot coffee drinkers. I prefer my coffee sweeter thus I preferred the first one... the Rose coffee....

We got to bring home a limited edition Mini /Dolce Gusto mug as well as a canister of the new Nescafe Mountain Wash coffee!!!... Thanks so much to Nescafe and 11street for having me....

So now you know, head over to 11street ( ) and get your Nescafe Dolce Gusto or Mountain Wash now...!!!!


  1. Yummy Nescafe coffee! 11 street is so famous nowadays..

  2. wow Nescafe, my dad's favourite also mine. Too bad timing not suitable for me to join the event.

  3. Coffee always gives me palpitations. I dunno y. So usually I order decaff

    1. then you should love the Mountain Wash coffee... it is decaff....

  4. I want my coffee too. Great idea to mix with grass jelly. Will try it out :)

    1. Mix with grass jelly and rose syrup.... yummy!!!!

  5. i am a big fans of nescafe. :P love everything from their brands

  6. nescafe dolce gusto! used to have two of it.. gave one to the parents, one to the in laws. And i'm left with none.. huhu

    1. third nescafe dolce gusto give Miera.... hehehehhe

  7. wow i never knew can make such interesting coffee with the dolce gusto machine, i always just make with the capsule alone. shall try them out.

    1. Interesting right... I want to try it out also... huhuh


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