Oct 1, 2015

Keep smiling with the Systema 3D Clean toothbrush

Malaysia is a nation known by its diversity but Malaysians in general are united by one thing more than anything else. Food! We love our food.        

Hot, cold, crunchy, sweet…every taste and texture imaginable, the unique mix of cultures has created one of (if not) the most diverse food choices in the world.

This mean our mouths have the toughest job in the world. Because of the many different types of food we eat on a daily basis, try imagining what our teeth has to go through. 

Bits of rendang, fried chicken or vegetable get stuck in between our teeth, or nasi lemak, sweet kuih coating our teeth and gum lines, often making our whole mouth feel like it needs a thorough scrubbing.

Worse, when you drink and munch these starchy or sugary foods, you are not just feeding yourself, but also the plaque that cause trouble in your mouth.

When the food that gets stuck in your mouth is not efficiently removed especially in tight spaces like the gum pockets, in-between teeth and your back teeth, this leads to cavities and gum diseases.

These are the easiest places for plaque to build up and the hardest to clean since ordinary round tip bristles toothbrushes struggle to reach them resulting in accumulation of plaque.   

Therefore it is important to brush correctly, and of importance that you use the right toothbrush in order to take care of your teeth and gums without damaging them. 

Toothbrushes are just as important as toothpaste. Most may think that toothbrushes are merely tools to help transfer the toothpaste to teeth during brushing but its function goes beyond that as it is the tool that removes decay causing plaque, the soft biofilm of bacteria on teeth.

Admittedly we find ourselves spoilt for choice in the vast array of toothbrushes stocked on shelves in the supermarket or pharmacy. 

And it is hard for consumers to decide on the best toothbrush, but not all toothbrushes are the same.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing toothbrush would be to understand how we use our pearly whites daily. What do our teeth endure?


SYSTEMA, the No.1 toothbrush brand in Japan, introduces NEW Systema 3D Clean toothbrush designed to tackle the tough brushing challenge of reaching every part of our teeth to remove plaque and food debris for a more effective and comfortable clean.

Using advanced dental technology from LION – SYSTEMA 3D Clean launched with 0.02mm Multi-cleaning 3D bristles is designed to clean every part of your teeth efficiently and effectively.

Compared to ordinary tapered toothbrushes, SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN toothbrush removes 63% MORE PLAQUE and is able to cleans and removes plaque better from the difficult to reach part of our teeth such as the back teeth, in between teeth (interdental spaces), along the gum lines and give a superior teeth surface clean yet remaining gentle on gums and teeth. Together with a tongue cleaner to remove bacteria from mouth, SYSTEMA 3D Clean toothbrush gives cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath.
It is also more flexible leading to an effective yet comfortable clean.

Lion Japan has had 100 years in working with dental professionals and having their own team of scientists, and is no doubt the pioneering company in the innovation of tapered toothbrush.

Now, the tapered experts are introducing the SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN

It will be the first ever advanced tapered bristle toothbrush with 0.02mm Multi-Cleaning 3D bristles and a tongue cleaner that designed to fit and better clean every part of your mouth including the tough to reach areas. So no matter what you eat giving you cleaner teeth, healthier gums, and fresher breath.

The SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN have 5 multi-cleaning ability for a total 3D clean:
  1. Spiral Power Tip Bristles – power tip to reach back teeth better to scrape away more plaque
  2. Shorter Center Bristles – to clean tooth surface and chewing surface better
  3. Longer Spiral Middle Bristles – penetrate better in between teeth to remove stuck food pieces
  4.  Longer Outer Bristles – penetrate deeper into gum-lines to remove 9X more plaque
  5. Tongue Cleaner – to remove food coating and bad breath causing bacteria from tongue

    SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN was tested amongst key toothbrush brand users and 86% of them found it to have better brushing performance than their current brand. With 80% preferring it vs their current brand due to 
    –          Softness of bristles (77%),
    –          Clean in-between teeth (81%),
    –          Clean tooth surface (78%),
    –          Clean along gum line (81%) and better ability to
    –          Clean back teeth (75%).
    Source: Insight Asia Research Group– Project Blanco (2014)

SYSTEMA’s history in the development of oral care products dates back to 1896 where the founder of LION Corporation, Tomijiro Kobayashi began manufacturing soap and toothpaste. Over the years, our team has grown and in 1914 we launched the first toothbrush, which was developed together with the guidance from the Tokyo College of Dentistry that is now known as the Tokyo Dental College,” said Mr Takashi Ohno, Director of International Product Innovation Department, Lion Japan

“Lion Japan believes the most important part of a toothbrush is the bristles. For healthy teeth and gums, a toothbrush must clean beyond just tooth surfaces but effectively all parts of the teeth especially the difficult to reach gum lines, back teeth and between teeth, yet is gentle on the gums and teeth,” Mr Ohno added.

Brushing need not be hard as plaque is naturally soft; the most important is the effective brushing of interdental areas and using a toothbrush that is tapered to be able to also reach between narrow gum lines and between teeth. A healthy smile is an asset”, added Dr Sean Paul, Director of LivingWell Healthcare.


The SYSTEMA “Start Right Brush Right – Healthy Teeth for Life” campaign is having its first roadshow at One Utama Ground Floor concourse from now up to the 4th Oct in collaboration with AEON.  

This campaign is SYSTEMA’s continuous effort in encouraging Malaysians to cultivate better oral care habits as part of their daily routine by providing them with accurate information and knowledge about oral hygiene beginning with 2 simple steps and that is to choose the right toothbrush as well as adopting the right  brushing techniques and habits recommended by dental professionals.

You can get the SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN in all leading stores and pharmacies nationwide, at RM11.50 (GST incl).

For more information on about SYSTEMA 3D CLEAN, please visit www.southernlion.com.my and its official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KeepSmilingMY


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