Oct 16, 2015

Jersey Jack Gelato-the best gelato in town...

Yours truly was invited to check out a gelato place recently. When I arrived, my first impression was that it was such a charming little place, the deco and ambience is very cosy with comfortable seating. It was also eye catching as the walls were made out from colourful recycled wood of fishing boats.

Tucked away in a quiet, cluttered residential street near some of the city’s most popular pubs, bars and restaurants, this place is a small al-fresco area and is just a stone’s throw from Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Jersey Jack serves up to about 36 flavours of gelato, sorbets and sherbets daily. These are all made in-house using fresh milk from Jersey cows – the name is a nod to the cows with the milk supplied by local dairy farm called Bright Cow (located in Kuala Selangor - yeaaap... I wasn't aware there was a farm here in Malaysia supplying milk from Jersey cows too!!!). Jack is the owner’s son.

Jersey Jack Gelato here operates as part café, part distribution and production hub for their gelatos, sherbets and sorbets.

Helmed by Tony Gowler and Joanna Chee, this dynamic duo are long time friends and wanted a change from their previous jobs (Tony was an engineer while Joanna was in the events scene).

Prompted by a suggestion from his friend, Paul Foster to start an ice-cream business, Tony was inspired and went back to the UK to do his research and a training course. Paul is the owner of Bright Cow and similarly left his job to start the dairy farm.

Tony is the man concocting all the flavours while Joanna manages the marketing and branding segment of Jersey Jack.

If you're up for gelato made with chilli, ginger and lemongrass, this new ice-cream parlour in Bukit Bintang should be up your alley. Try the After Eight, Bailey's or passion fruit gelato, but if you're feeling experimental, go for the salmon and wasabi gelato. For safer flavours, get a scoop or two of pistachio, salted caramel, tiramisu or cookies and cream.

The owners recommend pistachio flavour, which is top on their list of favourites. For something more citrusy and tart, there is the cherry flavour which has a refreshing aftertaste. You can pick any flavour and have them whip it up into a milkshake for you! If you’re feeling adventurous, try the champagne flavour, or the salmon and wasabi for a Japanese inspired take on Italian gelato!

The smooth, creamy texture of the gelato will be sure to win over most hearts, both the old and the young. It is the perfect treat for the hot, humid days we have here in Malaysia and with 36 flavours available, you will definitely be spoilt for choice.

After practically salivating and greedily tasting all the flavours, I decided on the After Eight gelato...It was truly one of the hardest decisions I had to make on ice cream... hahahah.... because trust me, they are THAT GOOD!!!

Anyway, do check out the flavours below here to give you some idea of what to expect... If you are a non Muslim, you might like to try out the Champagne, Rum and Raisin and Bailey's flavoured gelato as well as my half localized mat salleh friend from Scotland, Remi,  seen in the picture above said they taste amazing....

After Eight -A refreshing minty Gelato with a chocolate variegate, decorated with After Eight mints... I really loved this...

Belgian Chocolate- The finest unsweetened dark chocolate produces a rich and intense Gelato, a must for chocolate lovers..

Chilli, Ginger and Lemongrass - definitely not I expected of a flavour but this one really surprises!!! It is made with blend of Asian herbs and spices which leaves you with a warm glow and definitely unforgettable.....

Salted Caramel - Rich caramel Gelato with pinch of salt

Cookies and Cream - A modern classic, fresh creamy Gelato with an Oreo variegato

Madagascan Vanilla - A Gelato flavoured with only the finest quality vanilla pods from Madagascar (made with only fructose sugar, suitable for diabetics)

 Rocher - A Gelato blend of Turkish hazelnut and chocolate, based upon the famous Rocher Chocolate created by Italian chocolatier Ferrero Spa

Wild Berries - A vibrant Sorbet made from our special blend of forest berries

Salmon and Wasabi - A Japanese inspired Gelato to entertain and challenge the senses

New York Cheese Cake - A silky smooth Gelato from the Big Apple with a strawberry variegato

How about indulging in some Pancakes with your choice of sorbet, sherbet or gelato on top of it.....

Get a Parfait consisting of your favourite flavours and take your time savouring it's refreshing goodness....

Milkshakes - Choose from the 20 or so different flavours of Gelato to create your unique milkshake...


Coffee and Tea - Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Americano and Earl Grey English Breakfast

Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel or up to you.... Sundaes....

Imagine one of these warm Waffles with your favorite sorbet, sherbet or gelato on it... this is  definitely heavenly... 

Behind the scenes..

I was lucky I got to see what happened behind the scene when Joanna and Tony brought me to the kitchen to see Tony creating the Coconut Sorbet...

To make his sorbet, Tony uses the juice of a few fresh coconuts /coconut water...

After weighing it, the coconut water is poured into the mixer with other ingredients

The mixture is then mixed together using a giant mixer..

More ingredients are added in....

And more mixing... until the mixture becomes smooth, frothy and thick....

Then Tony carefully pours it into the gelato machine. And waits for a few minutes (less then 10 minutes) until the temperature drops to a minus 8 degrees . 

Taking the sorbet/ gelato out is quite a task as you have to be deft about it and arrange the sorbet nicely so that it looks presentable  on the tray...

This would be the finished product in it's glory.....

Coconut Sherbet - Pure white coconut Sherbet enhanced with fresh coconut water

 “We’re interested in helping others start small family businesses,” says Tony, speaking of the potential future franchise. There is the hope that their tricycles will be able to provide a sustainable source of income for individuals or families while maintaining the quality of the gelato. He explains, “Gelato is a sensitive product. When you run it yourself, this is your bread and butter. You look after it. You cannot let it get too warm. I think when you run it yourself as a small business, you care about things like that.”

The Jersey Jack Gelato team has just started launching a series of mobile tricycle carts selling gelato around the city centre. For the initial run, the tricycle carts will be around Jalan Alor and Bukit Bintang. So keep your eyes out for them!!

A single scoop gelato starts at RM12 while the sorbet is RM10. The drinks range from RM5 to RM12 and include milkshakes and coffees. Sundaes are priced at RM14.

Jersey Jack Gelato, 49, Jalan Berangan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. 

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday, 12pm – 10pm. 

This is a Pork Free establishment...


  1. is it a housing area there? haha not familiar with changkat's area...but the gelato looks yummy and not too pricey for me :D the flavour like Chilli, Ginger and lemongrass sounds so exotic and tempting!

    1. It is right behind the Jalan Alor /Istana Hotel area there... where there are many pubs and cafes there....I walked there from KFC Bukit Bintang...

  2. nice gelato! Craving for gelato now.. =/

    1. yes, the gelato is absolutely lovely.... if you happen across it, you really must try it..

  3. So excited to come here and try out their ice creams! Love ice creams hihi

  4. So tempting! I wanna eat their ice cream....

    1. Head on over there and try it out... you will love them

  5. everything look awesome. That chili, lemon grass and ginger??? wanna try that.

  6. Belgian chocolate ice cream will put at my list the food that I need to have this weekend. Will check out the place.

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  8. 36 flavours? I can imagine myself getting fatter and fatter. LOL

    1. Hehehe..... I know... but balance it up with some detox.... it will be ok

  9. so tempting... i want ice cream too.

  10. Can I have the caramel one please?
    Thank you.

  11. The gelato ice cream is so special especially the chili and ginger one. Must be so spicy and not dare to try it. hehe..

    1. the spicyness is the third layer of the ice cream... and it is only very minimal.... it just add a little kick to the whole ice cream...

  12. Nice place to have gelato ice cream. Looking at the photos made me want to have some now.

    1. Yaaayyy... go on over there and try some... they are THAT good...

  13. Nice place to have gelato ice cream. Looking at the photos made me want to have some now.

  14. Just paid them a visit, and their gelato's are just superb! Will be bringing my family there one of these days 😍

  15. We love Gelato too! The price seems quite ok wish to visit there soon.


  16. best gelato in town??? Okay... I need to visit when I back kl

  17. omg omg omg!!! All the ice cream pics looks so tempting lerr!!! I wanted to try!!

  18. omg...this gelato cafe very special i.e. very creative in many special flavours of gelato! Am attracted to try the salmon & wasabi :P ha...ha...Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

  19. Wow. so many varieties of ice cream and wild berries is looking gorgeous.

  20. any gelato is a good gelato, at least to me, because my tastebuds cannot differentiate the differences yet

  21. I love gelato! I have spotted a few flavours and wish to try them like the After Eight, New York Cheese Cake and the interesting Salmon and Wasabi.

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