Oct 5, 2015

Earn cashback and vouchers while indulging with FoodPanda..

Most women are shopping addicts, and yes,  I am one of them. I love shopping online as well as you tend to find pretty neat or cool items and sometimes with a great bargain, just by browsing and pushing that mouse or button……all in the comforts of my own home….or anywhere else…

In fact, statistics, from an online shop company, have it that Malaysians spend more than 3 hours of their time daily on internet…and there are about 5.6 million online users that shop online.. with an e –Commerce transaction of RM1.4 billion in 2013!!

And well, how would you feel like getting some cash back the more you shop? Sounds unbelievable? Not at all… it is workable, really!!!…..Shopback.my is the top cashback and online shopping site in Malaysia and so you really have to check it out….

Shopback is an online shopping site that offers their customers cashback when they shop through our partner merchants like FoodPanda, Zalora, Groupon, Lazada, Taobao and many, many other local, regional and international merchants. They are constantly adding new merchants every week so that their customers can get cashback from all of their favourite brands.

With ShopBack, you are purchasing directly from Groupon, Lazada etc, but when you click through from ShopBack, we can track how much you spend on these merchants using your internet browser cookies. The best thing is, we provide cashback on top of any voucher codes and promo codes from these merchants!

ShopBack began April 2014. To start shopping using ShopBack, check out this video… https://youtu.be/J6OuRVAxPVg

ShopBack is paid commission from their partnered merchants for driving traffic to their site, and ShopBack is sharing that commission back with you, the customer! You can get up to 30% of cashback on your order, so you quite literally get paid to shop! And you can actually cash out the amount into your bank account or PayPal account once the amount becomes redeemable and provided your redeemable cashback amounts to RM 10.01 (not including any bonus amounts). Don’t you think that is such an amazing concept??!!

First, I went to their website: https://www.shopback.my and signed up with my Facebook account.

You can find plenty of stores to choose from such as FoodPanda, GroupOn, Zalora and Lazada!

I clicked on FoodPanda and immediately got redirected to the FoodPanda’s site! [Do stay and purchase within the same window and browser to ease your cashback claims!]

Click to get awesome cashback on FoodPanda Malaysia, on top of amazing vouchers and coupons ..

So as you can see on the FoodPanda site, you are eligible to get about 8.0% cashback from this site!!! Imagine indulging yourself with great food and getting some money for it as well... !!!

Anyway, once the page appears, all you have to do is enter our city and area to find the restaurants that will send to your home....

As I was in Taman Seri Gombak, there was not many restaurants or cafe sending.. so as a reference here, I am using my office address in  Bangsar Utama... and being smack dabbed in the middle of a busy area, there were tons of restaurants and cafes to order from...

Just click on your favorite restaurant. In my case, I selected Marmalade Cafe ....You will get their menu...

After a few clicks, I have ordered a couple of dishes and a drink... You will get your amount due and also order information recorded before you check out.....

Just fill up your details, or even easier, log in with your Facebook and you are done... Just wait for your meal to be delivered to you within the hour and in a couple of days, your Shopback amount will be reflected in your Shopback  page.....

I really think this is heaven sent and helps me save more money or even make some....and everyone knows extra money is always handy... so be sure to check Shopback out now....


  1. I love shopping at ShopBack... It is something worthwhile...I believe you agree with me too! ;-)

    1. I know.... there is nothing better then getting cashback doing the things you have to do or love namely shopping... LOL

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