Oct 28, 2015

Plusify choices for Curvaceous women....

As I have blogged about in the previous post the importance to love yourself, and how I learn to love me, it is important to spoil yourself and of course, dress yourself as well as dressing well in many ways makes you feel even more positive and confident of yourself....

What you consider to be just a pretty dress can actually contribute to a big portion to your own self-confidence.

It could be a simple button down shirt and jeans. It could be a maxi skirt and a crop top. It could even be a hoodie and basketball shorts. It could be anything that makes you feel your best.

And when you feel your best, it has a tremendous impact on how others perceive you as well. Perception is an ideal reality; the more self-confidence you have, the more likely it is you will do your best.

I have since then learn to dress up more often – not for others, but for myself because it makes me feel optimistic, confident and just good about myself.

Oh my God... sooo much to choose from....I want them all

Being curvy or plus size is no longer an excuse not to dress well, not now that there is Plusify. In case you do not know it Plusify is an affordable and trendy Plus Size fashion brand in Malaysia. It was started by a gorgeous and bubble curvy woman herself, 

Yours truly was at the Plusify Anniversary sale to check out the amazing clothes they had for sale and I was so in love with them.... The clothing were comfortable, colourful, and best of all, affordable!!!

Anyway, how did Plusify began? 6 years ago, Cheryn Tan, the founder of Plusify Fashion Boutique at the age of 25 made the daring decision to  quit the corporate world and open her own business. She then started the WebWeaver Learning Centre where she used her experience in computer designs to start a computer training centre which is still thriving now....

The gorgeous owner Cheryn, Syafiera and yours truly....

Still, Cheryn's passion was actually into fashion and she soon began another business with her partner , I Can't Sew Fashion Boutique which operates in POP @ JayaOne. 

Being curvy and plus sized , Cheryn was also pretty frustrated not being able to fit into the clothing she lovingly chose and could only admire them on the racks, and this made her start on her third venture, Plusify Fashion Boutique, where she lovingly handpicks each outfit personally to ensure style and quality.

Plusify Beauty Boutique is currently helping curvy female customers in Malaysian and Singapore dress better with the latest styles, trends and fashion...

Plusify aims to deliver beautiful, quality clothing to plus sized women all around the world, so that they can feel confident and feel proud being curvaceous....

Most of the clothing are sourced from fabulous local designers as well as personally hand selected from all over Asia. These gorgeous clothing are all super affordable to everyone with the price tag ranging from just RM50 to about RM200!!!!

With the pretty Syafiera and Ain Baharom

Jane Chua looking lovely with the dress she tried on...

Plusizedkitten Tammy feeling excited about the gorgeous dresses she found...

For more info, do check out my previous post here and also be sure to head over to www.plusify.my to get your outfit now...
Thanks Cheryn for selecting my blog as one of the winners.....


  1. Nice to see more plus size outlets appearing in the market out there. Used to have problems getting plus size clothes for my ex-wife last time. Not many shops sells them and Mis Selfridge isn't that cheap. :(

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    1. Aiseh... you are pregnant, so pregnant must see tummy lah

  3. congrats on your winning. The polka dots are so lovely, my sis keep telling me too that what you holding there. hehe..

  4. Whoa! everybody having fun play dress up there. You look gorgeous babe.

  5. Tks Miera for featuring me at your blog here. Congrats on your winning. You really deserve it.

    1. thanks Jane... you look amazing with all your clothing too

  6. Yes.
    Now all queens, no matter what size could dress up and be beautiful.
    Congrats Plusify!

  7. All of you are gorgeous and look great . Plusify have make every woman dream come true. Not matter what size we are , we still love gorgeous

  8. Congratulation dear! I will share this with my aunt to get her size here. :P


  9. Congrats on winning! Which one did you buy in the end? And the polka dotted bikini is so cute! :D

  10. You made a great choice with that dress. Very lovely and suits you well.


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