Oct 3, 2015


The scariest and most terrifying ‘Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear’ has return to Asia’s Best Attraction, Sunway Lagoon, with a whole new level of terror. This includes all new scare zones and scare mazes.

Be prepared for a whole new level of chaos, as resident host, Mr. Chaos, a human-decayed zombie whose sole mission is to create a carnival of chaos takes the frightful Ms. Havoc as his nightly bride!

Yours truly here was among the first few in to check it out on the preview night. Upon checking in, I was a little startled to be given a bag of blood... ooh... kay.....along with the goodie bag. This is gonna be interesting.. really interesting... However, the 'blood' in the bag is just some watermelon juice....

Anyway, do be sure not to miss out getting your Halloween props or a souvenir t shirt with a picture of the spooky bride on it....I got one and it's jersey material, very cooling and definitely eye catching!!!

Before the event started, we were brought to a dark crypt.... where members of the media  and invited guests and VIPs were fed a disgusting (actually delicious.. ehemmm) meal of  Curvy Snake Bites, Newts and Roaches, Vampire Wings, Spooky Eye Potions, Earth Worms and so on....

After being fed, we were then sent to the main stage area....

It was here our preview began with a 'real' human wedding couple planning to get married, when suddenly the spooks, zombies and of course, Mr Chaos and Ms Havoc came and disrupted the wedding, kidnapped both the bride and bridegroom and took over the wedding venue...

Guests at the wedding event were left shrieking and screaming as the wedding ended with a gory blood bath where the undead can be seen chasing and devouring the living guest.

“As Asia’s one stop destination, Sunway Lagoon is excited that Nights of Fright 3 has returned with three times the fear and three times the chaos. The park will be opened on exclusive nights during this annual event for all to celebrate the fun and at the same time, feel chills down their spines during this spooky October,” commented Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon.

Lynton V Harris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company said, “Mr. Chaos, our resident zombie host last year sure was a popular hit among visitors. He’s back this year, evidently not alone, since he is getting married to Ms. Havoc. There is just no telling what devastation and mayhem these partners-in-bloodshed are capable of propagating during Nights of Fright.”

Introducing the dashing and scary-fying (errmm... getting all these words thanks to my daughter's craze with Monster High dolls)bridegroom, Mr. Chaos, the host of Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear at Sunway Lagoon..

Ok, let's take a break for a moment and meet some of the cast of the Nights of Frights along with Mr Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon and also Lynton V Harris, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company

And with that we include the lovely Finalists of the Miss Cosmopolitan International 2015 into the mix. Some of them were terrified by the characters at Nights of Fright 3, even while taking this picture.....

Kit Mah, local actor, Nigel Chin, Model, Esma Daniel, actor, Brandon Ho, TV Host from The 8TV Quickie; Melissa Th’ng and Kevin Chong, Traxx FM DJ, Ben Jern and Scha Alyahya, local celebrities taking a photo op with some of the characters at Nights of Fright 3! 

Celebrities trying out their hand on trying to give the cameras a scary pose... LOL.....

OK, once the photos were done, everyone was chased off the stage by the unholy couple.....

Oh, by the way, before I forget, Scha Alyahya, Ben Jern and Nabil had a fun time scaring unwitting guests a couple of weeks or so ago (check out the video above)... and if you want to get terrified by celebrities...I have news....

Out of the celebrities that attended the launch, some of these celebrities, Brandon Ho, Kit Mah, Fiqrie, Kevin Chong and Melissa Th’ng will be assimilated into the Nights of Fright fiasco and transform into the vicious monsters on the 17 October!!! So go and meet them and get some selfies before you run away from them....

Be sure to head to Terrortory-X, for a feast of fright with the very scary, “Escape from Pudu 2 as even more deranged and hungry inmates join last year’s scariest attraction. You will definitely be screaming and also laughing your way out of this crazy prison....

Plus, get screaming at the all-time favourite, “The Mummy’s Revenge Tomb of Terror - in 3D!”

Terrortory-X is also home to the new TOXIC- The Scariest Place Unearthed – a very spooky and devastated wasteland where chainsaw wielding mutants have destroyed everything in their sights!

Do not forget the Blood Alley there where you can meet Chinese ghosts out for your blood....

There is no denying the chill in the air, when you step foot, like it or not into Pirate Jack’s Locker O’ Lanterns. 

Meet  and pay homage to the Pumpkin King, before you face his wrath....

And do not attempt to steal their treasures....

.....as these pirate zombies refuse to let go of their lost treasure in an atmosphere clouded with despair and desperation... they will kill and attack you to protect what is theirs.....

Maybe you can meet up with Tia Dalma and get your fortune told....Be sure not to incur her wrath or she will sink ships...

The guys would be happy to meet these pretty ghosts , I am sure... hehehe

Take a picture at the gallows......if you dare... try to imagine how a death row inmate feels......Do not, however stay too long as you do not know what evil lurks around there....

Sadako Dori is your worst nightmare come to life. However on your way to visit her, you will encounter some strange aliens, mononoke, yokai or Japanese ayakashis...

Me: "Oh my..... what big eyes and big teeth you have.... "
Monster: "The better to see you and eat......"
Me: "Ok baaiiiiii" *runs away......*

I really like this Ayakashi's costume... 

Sadako is Japan’s creepiest ghost. So when the pretty slit-mouthed woman painfully asks ‘Am I pretty’ answer correctly, and whatever you do, do not look into the well!

Personally, I swear, to be exactly honest, I was really seriously spooked when I encountered her.....So be careful.... be very careful.....She can appear when you least expect it!!

The Death Port is no place for the faint-hearted, and to be honest,after encountering Sadako, I was really feeling scared... and I did not go there....... 

All sorts of criminals were brutally executed there, and the corpses have been left there to serve as a warning that nothing stays dead for long! Yikes!!!!

The epicenter of all things evil during Nights of Fright 3, Lynton V Harris Scream Park is of course KEVIL HILL…a cryonic vision of the future gone dangerously wrong! KEVIL HILL- where evil lives!  I have been there before and it is scary... so if you have not visited KEVIL HILL, now is the time you really should!!!!

You will encounter several different spooks, and monsters who there to scare the crowd.....

There are amazing and interesting performances and dances on the Carnival of Chaos stage area  as well, so you would not want to miss them....

Visitors may dress up in their spookiest outfits to attend Nights of Fright 3* at only RM58 per person, while enjoying unlimited rides and attractions that are available throughout the Amusement Park.

*This event is recommended for guests above 12 years old.  Visitors dressed in their coolest and spookiest costumes will not be allowed to wear face masks or theatrical makeup to the event nights.

Daytime park guests who wish to “Feel the Fear” at Nights of Fright 3 on the same evening as their visit, may enjoy a special rate at only RM35.

So what are you waiting for... head over there now!!! You will be sorry to miss it!!!

Nights of Fright 3: Festival of Fear @ Sunway Lagoon is happening on 2nd, 3rd, 8th-10th, 15th-17th, 22nd-24th and 29th-31st October 2015, from 7.30pm till 11.30pm.

For more information, call 603 5639 0000


  1. wow...so fast oct dy...this month should checkout ‘Nights of Fright 3!! thx for sharing.

  2. haha so fun, nice to see familiar faces of horror of last year. What time you get home the night?

  3. i was there too, only managed to squeeze in 3 frights area. haha

  4. omg...I am a timid person, so dare not attend this kind of scarry Haloween party/ event. The make up seems all very real! Scarry! ha...ha...:) Cheers, https://siennylovesdrawing.wordpress.com/

  5. i dah berzaman tak ke sunway. terasa teringin pula ke sunway lagoon.. rate sangat murah :D

    1. pergi ler.... groupon ada discount... Night of Frights ni best!!!!

  6. Hi Miera,
    Looks like the setting for this year's Halloween at Sunway is better than past year. I don't like Zombies but the Japanese-like ghost looks awesome lah. Now, to find a friend who would go with me.. Hehehe

    1. Exactly... have some fun screaming and laughing.... it is an awesome experience.. forgetting the normal stressors of life for a while....

  7. OMG, the video is so funny, but if I'm the one who kena scare, I dunno lari entah mana already ;)

  8. the costumes are so real and scary >< can't wait to go catch this soon, with Ivy !! haha

  9. So freaking scary! Salute you.


    1. I don't know if I will go on normal days... hahaha media preview time not so scary...

  10. Wow, damn scary leh! You guys still can enjoy it so much T.T

    1. Media preview night... can get to check out most of the ghosts on stage already... hahaha...... so not so scary... then my modus operandi is "attack the ghosts" before they attack you.. I mean when you see one , faster ask them to take photo.. LOL

  11. Miera! You're such a brave girl! i think i would have been too creeped out to be able to walk around some more. hahaha. But SOOOOOO tempted to go T.T my fears are stopping me

    1. I was just like you... but I kinda overcame my fears... so you can do it too... LOL

  12. oh my i have to scroll through fast coz i don't want to see the scary pics!

  13. So scary ler. I dare not see. Ha ha ha...

    1. only people only... besides I already became friends with some of the hantus since last year... hahaha

  14. The faces.. very scary leh.. I'm very timid one... Happy Halloween!~

    1. I was exactly that way last year... but this year I kancheong... hahaha it is fun.... and they are only people... hehehe

  15. Whoa the makeup skills for the characters here is totally on point Miera! Happy Halloween! <3

    1. absolutely... all those sfx makeup artist are superb!!!

  16. ika definitely dont want to be there

  17. I can't believe it's that time of the month already! Looks like a fun and thrilling attraction that I must check out!


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