Sep 12, 2015

How to clean your makeup in just one step....

Pic credit to Disney

Moisturiser, BB Creams, sunscreen, eye liners, mascara , lipstick, foundation, compact powder and such are what most women apply on their face every day. 

Removing all these in the evening is just as  important because sleeping with make-up on can lead to acne break-outs, accelerate the ageing process and make the skin look dull.

Makeup remover wipes are heaven sent for when we are very tired at the end of the day or when we have slathered on too much thick makeup to carefully clean off all of the makeup and grime from the day. 

It is also ideal method when you do not have the time or tools to properly wash our faces with cleanser and water such as the times when you are traveling, camping, a visit to the gym or otherwise on-the-go, and for Muslims especially just before they want to ‘solat’…

Makeup remover facial wipes are the best convenient solution to carry on daily basis. Light in weight and easy to use, specialists suggest that you carry a pack of wipes in your bag instead of dragging all your beauty products but sometimes, some of these wipes can be harsh on your skin!!

SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes / Clinical Wipes are formulated with Swiss Glacier Water with 4 different Essential Oils, 4 types of Antioxidants and 3 kinds of Hydrating and Soothing Ingredients.

I normally use waterproof makeup so that my makeup can last the whole day thorough, and it can be quite a hassle getting it off, but with the SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes, removing pore-clogging impurities, all waterproof make-up, dirt and grime can be done in JUST 1 SIMPLE STEP minus any irritation… all in just one or two swipes!!! 

You can get this out with just pressing the SkinSoul  Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes on your face 

All the make up, grime and stuff on the SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes after a couple of swipes...

The SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes gives you perfect and yet subtle skin and do you know what really matters? These SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes contains No Artificial Perfume, Colour, Harsh Chemicals and it is Paraben Free… 

My face after cleaning with the SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes..
What makes the SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes an all time favourite?
  • It takes off everything in a couple of swipes like the GIF of Mulan up above this blogpost , including your waterproof mascara and stubborn make up
  • It does no clog your pores
  • It does not leave any makeup residue on your pillowcase and bedding
  • It will not irritate your skin or eyes
  • It is amazing on acne-prone and ultra sensitive skin, great for all skin types
  • It is not harsh or over-drying on your skin
  • It is not greasy, oily nor soapy and it does not sting...
  • You will find your skin feeling fresh, cleansed, hydrated, calmed, smoothed, lifting and moisturized after using it
  • There is No Artificial Perfume, Colour, Harsh Chemicals which have been added and it is Paraben and Lanolin Free....
  • Using this SkinSoul Ultra Soft Facial Towelettes is just so simple and easy a kid can do it... all in just one or two swipes...

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  1. hehe nice, I am using this too. Suitable for my skin.

    1. yeah... I know right...lovely to remove thick makeup and all... I love it

  2. wah.. looks like this product really goood

  3. I'm guilty for not removing my makeup and went to sleep

    1. Then you really have to use this... easy peasy and then can tidur....

  4. Removing make up is so easy nowadays. Skin Soul had proven it.

  5. Love this handy towelettes the best for on the go use when I can't bring all the cleansers

    1. I agree... it is a must have when travelling, going outstation etc, and for Muslims women who have to remove makeup before solat

  6. I like this product, super effective! I'm using it, too!

    1. I love it too... it's an amazing product to easily wipe all those grime and makeup away....


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