Sep 4, 2015

Malaysian man gives birth!!!

When a woman gives birth, she will have to undergo a lot of pain.  In fact, I read somewhere that humans are the ones that suffer the longest childbirth as well as painful one of all mammals....
Why does this happen? Our uterus is a muscular organ that contracts powerfully to squeeze our baby out, and these contractions are the primary source of labor pain. 
How much pain we go through depends on a variety of factors, including the strength of our contractions (this gradually increases during labor); our baby’s size and position in our pelvis; whether she’s faceup or facedown (the ideal birth position); and the speed of our labor.
Other then intense muscle tightening throughout our abdomen and, sometimes, our overall torso and pelvic area, we may even feel pressure on our backs, perineum, bladder and bowels. All that combines to making our childbirth experience as painful, or not (for the lucky ones) as it is....

Mix FM, one of Malaysia's top radio stations recently completed a breakfast campaign called LIFE SWAP that’s got Malaysia talking. Naturally, because this is just hilarious as well as admirable of Prem,  one of the hosts of the Mix Breakfast Show

Life swap has been a classic boy vs girl challenge with the Aishah and Prem swapped their lives over the past week to see who has it tougher – the guys or the girls, after Prem said on the Mix Breakfast Show that girls get it easier than the boys when it comes to everyday life.

Each of them had to do a series of challenges but it’s been the final ( and surprise) challenge that has got Malaysian’s talking about the Mix breakfast show with more then 100,000 views  of Prem ‘giving birth’ and experiencing what it’s like for woman to give birth in the past 18 hours.

Congratulations... you got an adorable daughter.......huhuhu

 This was all after the team at the Sunway Medical Centre offered to give Prem the chance to see what it feels like from a woman’s perspective to actually give birth.

After going through the whole experience Prem finally admitted and said,  ‘it’s not easy to be a woman and I take back what I said and apologize for what I said’. 

Anyway Kudos Prem for being such a brave person to go through that are just amazing and admirable!!!!

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