Sep 10, 2015

Introducing Dashing MCFC Limited Edition Scents

Women are drawn to men with passion in their lives. Most people are pretty contented to just exist, going through a routine of “wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat” day in and day out. People who has passion in their lives are driven. They don’t just float through life, but instead, have purpose. They have something they live for, something they care about with an intensity that you just don’t see often. There’s a part of their life that brings them fulfillment, that pushes them on and inspires them and that is a very attractive trait to women…

Another attractive trait of a man would be having a sense of humor. A sense of humor is not just important to be able to break the ice with a lady, but it is vital for a long-term relationship. Women appreciate a partner who can see and make out the lighter side of things. What's the point of being married or dating someone if you can't make each other laugh on a daily basis? Women want to be with someone who knows how to have fun.

Communication is also very vital in any successful relationship, a man should be able to listen to and empathize with his partner. Women loves a guy who can put himself in her shoes and comforts her in tougher times. A sensitive dude is one who knows a thing or two about romance. Women need to be wooed both in the initial stages of courtship, and throughout the lifespan of the entire relationship.
A woman loves a man who knows how to respect them. Really respects them, not just mutters the right words to mouth so he can get into her panties.

A lack of respect for women can lead to the man in question refusing to respect her boundaries or dismissing or diminishing her concerns as “unimportant” or “being too sensitive”. These men assume that women come from a position of inferiority or inexperience.

Looks are naturally a very important part of attraction. But at the same time, they’re not the end-all, be-all either – despite what men often tell themselves. While men gripe and moan about how only men with washboard abs and rock-hard pecs can get the ladies, but……some women find bald men sexy, others get weak in the knees for long hair and others will only date men with short hair. Some want their men clean shaven, others love facial hair. Some women loved big burly men while others like skinny nerd-boys who look like the kid from high school.

But even with all that traits, if the man in question has a body odour….that would be the ultimate turn off. I know for sure that if my favourite actor or my dream man approaches me with body odour I would definitely avoid him at all cost…. And that is why scents, deodorants or fragrances are so important to attract a woman as well…. 

Dashing is Malaysia's first ever male body-care brand, launched over 25 years ago and it has since gone on to launch a wide range of men care products, making them the market leader amongst young Malay men.

Recently yours truly here was at Score at the Rooftop at 1st Avenue to check out the launch of Dashing MCFC limited edition  scents.

There were lots of fun activities and games for those who attended the launch to try their skills on to win some prizes and it had a carnival like atmosphere...

Dashing and Manchester City Football Club have been partners for almost a year and after creating some exciting footballing experiences last season, they are launching a new collection of EDTs, Deodorants and Roll Ons to provide world class fragrance to Malaysian sports fans.

"Dashing has always been at the forefront of innovation and we are proud to bring for the first time to Malaysia a co-branded range of perfumes and deodorants with our partners and a top Premier League team Manchester City Football Club. We are sure every sports fan will love the fragrances and its long lastingness," said Mr Rishi Pahwa, Marketing Manager of Dashing.

Mr Damian Willoughby, the Director of Partnerships (APAC) , a representative of Manchester City Football Club was also there and gave a short speech..

"The brand collaboration with MCFC shown through the packaging look and feel reflects premium international imagery. Thus in turn, we bring Dashing's brand to a whole new level," said Mr Siram Krishnamurthy the COO of Wipro Unza (M) Sdn Bhd in his speech explaining the introduction of the Dashing MCFC Limited Edition range.

The event continued with a freestyle football performance by Malaysia's Top Freestyle Footballer, Ariff Karim which drew all eyes on him with his amazing skills dribbling and balancing and catching the ball in multiple ways...

It definitely was a mesmerizing performance...

Prior to the launch in Malaysia, the Dashing MCFC range was unveiled in Manchester in a pre season event at the Etihad Stadium.

And..... the great news here is that Dashing is running a National contest and will be giving this golden money can't but experience to 11 lucky winners to go on a 6 day 5 nights fully paid trip to Manchester, UK. This will include a 3 day training camp at the City Football Academy with coaches, a meet and greet session with the 1st team players, an Etihad stadium tour and a VIP ticket to watch a LIVE match between Manchester City Football Club and Manchester United in the 19th March 2016!!! It's a simple SMS based contest and all one needs to do is buy any Dashing or Elite products,  andsend a simple SMS to enter the contest by 31st December 2015!!!

Pic credit from Dashing FB

What are you waiting for... I know I am going to go get some Dashing products for some of my friends...hahaha, just for the sake of entering this contest!!!!!

The packaging for these fragrances is premium and the colours reflect home and away kits. The fragrances are specially formulated to last longer and provide freshness throughout the day even to a very active man. There are 2 variants named "Ultimate Kick" and "Hattrick" respectively.

Ultimate Kick is a scent made for champions, bringing out the suave side in every facade of a modern man's daily life. The Ultimate Kick features a summer-like active fragrance featuring a concoction of lemon, enhanced with the freshness of cardamom, supported by vanilla and a musky base.

Hattrick on the other hand, is a winning strike for every Dashing man. Hattrick's enigmatic fragrance ignites one's drive to win. Hattrick exudes the unique combination with the freshness of apple citrusy infused with a combination of floral notes and a hint of amber....

I love both scents... so guys... if you want to be attractive to a woman.... you should know what to do now and it probably includes getting one of these fragrances which are pretty amazing smelling for a very affordable price...

These fragrances kills the toughest body odour and prevents staining on clothes. It has a quick frying formula that will help prevent bacterial growth and brings unparalleled freshness throughout the day and this will give you the confidence to go and attract the woman you've been eyeing...

The Dashing-MCFC Limited Edition range is available in two the explosive variants mentioned above, Ultimate Kick and Hattrick. 

The Dashing MCFC EDT 50ml  retails at RM20.90 with 6% GST , while the Dashing MCFC Deodorant Spray retails at RM11.45 with 6% GST and the Dashing MCFC Roll-On Deodorant at just RM5.90 with 6% GST....

See?? It is soooo affordable you cannot say you can't afford it... it smells amazing and it can win you a trip to Manchester , UK.. So what are you waiting for????!!!


  1. that .gif picture indeed good. and dashing is such a long time brand where i remember buying them for dad during my schooling time

    1. hehehe... I thought it was cute... LOL... and yes, I grew up knowing all about dashing and have bought it several times for friends, and relatives...

  2. Nak masuk Contest gak! I always give my hubby dashing for his birthday!

    Kolin zainal

    1. yes... yes, try... you never know because maybe you might head to manchester for second or third honeymoon if you enter that contest....

  3. Good luck for all whom wish to participate in the contest... :)


    1. yes, don't forget to try and enter.... who knows you could be the lucky winner...

  4. good stuff for the man, hehe.. smell good time. Contest ni, pasti men/women will join.

  5. Will check-out this contest! Maybe buy some of the awesome products for the hubs

    1. absolutely... you might be able to win the contest to UK with hubby for second or third honeymoon...

  6. ok walaupun I am a gooner, i think i should try this ;)


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