May 11, 2014

Happy mother's day to all mothers

Happy mother's day to all mothers.

As a mother our job is neverending and worse all we do not get paid,  except with hugs and kisses once a while. And we cannot even quit from this job.

We will feel angry, hurt, love, pride, terror, worry etc etc.. A myriad of all sorts of feelings, some which can cause us lots of stress as well but we have to manage it.

To all mothers out there.. Happy Mother's Day!!!

This year I got some small pressure from my beautiful girls and surprise.. Surprise.. My one and only son called me in the morning to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.. Something that rarely occurred in his 18 years!!!!

I love my babies... Also my beautiful step children... Alyssa and Daniel.. Am am blessed to have them in my life...

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