Dec 26, 2015

A date with my other half at the Macalister Mansion....

I have been hearing so much and seeing sooooo many gorgeous pictures of the Macalister Mansion that I could not resist wanting to go there... Sadly, I am not one of the famous , sought after bloggers, so no one invites me there.. LOL..

So during my recent trip to Penang, I begged my other half to accompany me there and he agreed....We left the kids at the hotel to fend for themselves... (LOL, don't be so shocked, my eldest is already 20, second is 19 and my youngest is 11)  and escaped...

And this too shows what a lousy Penangite I am since I was so confused I initially thought this mansion was near the beach area at Gurney Drive.. somewhere probably along the Sultan Ahmad Shah road there or Farquhar street there... Imagine my face when I used the  google map app to find it smack in Macalister Road... (no brainer right)

The lovely majestic ivory coloured Macalister Mansion (MM) is along a road filled with dilapidated colonial structures. My mom said this mansion belonged to my grandmother's friend a long time ago. Well, that was when I was a little girl and still living on Penang island.. but I am not sure if she is exactly right. But my grandmother back then was quite a well to do woman as well and we lived in a lovely double story semi detached house in Jalan Padang Victoria/ Khaw Sim Bee Road which was very airy, drafty and maybe haunted.... with a very huge garden too...

Those were the days when I was almost a princess visiting mansions and big houses...because my mom used to give piano lessons to these rich people's kids too and I got to tag along sometimes... 

In case you are wondering, I myself was born in a mansion as well...along Macalister Road too at the private maternity clinic (opposite the St Georges Girls' school) which has closed down a few years ago...

That was all before life decided to throw me a curveball... and well, here I am a nobody....

Anyway since it was the Christmas season, the huge bast of Sir Norman Macalister, the lieutenant governor of Penang was there to welcome us with a huge Santa cap on him... LOL

The exterior of the mansion looks like how it used to be back in the colonial times but whitewashed with clean elegance...

However once you step foot inside the mansion, it is like being transported to a whole new world that shrieks modern artistic bespoke well as class.... I think I know what Alice in Wonderland felt.. hahaha

 The simple yet quite homey names to the Macalister Mansion’s restaurants/cafe like the “Living Room” and “Dining Room”  gives visitors/ diners the idea of dining in comfort of a home. Their déco in this place is very artistic with its own very clean features and artwork....

My husband and I were here to check out the high tea at the less formal "Living Room" which is the Macalister Mansion’s 'cafe ' so we headed there....

I was definitely mesmerized by the hanging plants, pendant lamps and old style Peranakan tile floors, and hmmm... very interesting chairs in every conceivable material (wood, plastic, metal etc.), colour and shape, 

...a stenciled cats, clock and a fireplace,... though mismatched, they seem to bring some colour and fun to the white room there..

  The adjoining room towards the back is pretty quirky and interesting as well with are wall stencils british governors??!! a huge table with books and paraphernalia, bookshelves and so on....

Anyway, we ordered out high tea and it was pretty affordable in comparison to KL pricing...It only cost us about RM78 nett or RM39 per person... No extra GST or Service Charge or such!!! 

For tea, we ordered the TWG Sakura tea which was recommended by the waiter. It was definitely a very light and fragrant tea which I fell in love with on the spot....

And here was my high tea set...There were lovely savoury items such as the Roasted Tomato Basil and Parmesan Quiches which was pretty flavorful with the perfect crust. 

Then there are the Smoked Salmon Bagels with Cream Cheese, which was not too rich, because I do not like too much cheese in my food and the Grilled Chicken Caser Salad Wraps that was lovely on my palate… I almost wanted to order more…

You have to love their home-made Apple and Raisin Scones, with the combination of the Clotted Cream and Strawberry Jam. I am not really a scones person but I really enjoyed this....

Then there is the Tiramisu Lollipops, Crispy Chocolate Fondue Doughnuts, Mini Apricots Almond Tarts, Verrine of Mango Cheese Foams, and some very light and refreshing Lemon Tarts, all perfectly made and tasty....

My verdict? I love it and I think for RM78nett, it is worth coming here, pretending to be a Tai Tai, or for a date with your other half/ special someone .....and enjoy the classy and elegant ambiance

Macalister Mansion Living Room
Opens daily 8 - 12 A.M.
228 Macalister Road 10400 Georgetown Penang


  1. Seriously rm78 is a real good deal for the environment and food. I have long heard bout this place but never had chance to visit yet

  2. wow it actually looks really good! the white room with the hanging pots is pretty!!!

  3. This is a pretty quiet and exclusive place to have tea and conversation.

  4. I missed going holiday. This place looks nice but no go before. Should plan for next year holiday but say is easy hehe..

  5. Oh the set up is stunning Miera - and for RM78, its quite worth it. Really like the high tea set too, the Smoked Salmon Bagels look amazing :)

  6. What a lovely date u have had there! And RM78 is not expensive at all for this whole thing! :D

    1. I think it is pretty reasonable for the whole set up right...

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