Dec 29, 2015

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Penang’s famous nasi kandar has plenty of people from other states and even neighbouring countries coming in in droves for a taste of their white rice swimming in a spicy mix of curries served with a wide array of dishes.

It is said that there are two distinct style of nasi kandar which is  the Indian Muslim style that is a marriage of local flavours with spices and herbs. These curries are often of a darker reddish tone, thick and usually spicy, depending on the stall.

Then there is  the Malay style one with simpler, straightforward flavours that are less spicy and which are fragrant with hints of turmeric and local spices.

I would personally prefer the Indian Muslim style….. hehehe

The name nasi kandar came from rice (nasi) and balance (kandar) because in the old days, the Indian Muslims hawkers will sell their rice by carrying it in wooden buckets hanging from a pole balanced on their shoulders.

Nasi kandar was said to be founded by the Indian Muslims, who originally came from India decades ago, and usually, the recipes for the curries are handed down from father to son.

As any nasi kandar connoisseur would tell you, the best way to enjoy a plate of nasi kandar is to have a steaming plate of white rice flooded in an assortment of different type of curries accompanied by dishes of your choice.  I, however, like my nasi kandar with fish, squid (minus the egg) and some cabbage in turmeric….

One of the most popular Nasi Kandar outlet would be the Line Clear Nasi Kandar. Despite being located in a narrow alleyway along Jalan Penang, with aluminium tables and plastic chairs, slightly near open drains. It somehow does not put those nasi kandar connoisseurs off…There is always a crowd there…

It seem to be a must do in Penang. And there is always a queue and it is open 24 hours. My husband is one of their fans…..

This is said to have been around since the 1930s and is famous for its spicy squid’s eggs, succulent tiger prawns curry and curry fish head, though the prices on these are a bit astronomical I feel…. 

Especially in a back alleyway….where you can even spot one or two huge rats (though not right at your feet, but maybe a stone's throw away), I saw one myself, half the size of a cat.… but seriously… the crowd is still here !! Don’t believe me, visit the place during lunch or dinner time and you know what I mean….

It is almost impossible to get seats during lunch or dinner… so my suggestion is to go when it is not peak period or well, have one of your party go ahead and get seats while the other people order.  

Or maybe if you are one of the fussy people, and is quite concerned about the hygiene of the place you eat at, you might just prefer to pack it to take away…

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Address: 177 Penang Road, Penang
Tel: +604 261 4440


  1. Nasi Kandar is soooo good! But getting so expensive nowadays!

  2. Nasi Kandar memang sedap!~ Yummy!~

  3. Ohh i love different types of curries flooding the rice hahah yummy!!

  4. I spot so many varieties of curry. My favourite dish. Yummy...

  5. Same here! Love love the curry. But do u really spot a rat?? 😱

  6. one of my favorite but getting expensive now

    1. I do so agree... everything getting soooo expensive

  7. Memang this is a must makan punya nasi kandar and don't forget to request kuah banjir.

  8. Oh the dishes look great Miera but the rat problem? Oh my. But if the sets are as good as claimed maybe like you said just do a takeaway.That way, you would be able to try it at the comfort of your own home :)

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  10. There's always long queue at there! D: I remember I gave up the q after like dunno how long. sigh

  11. they had a huge family drama but thank god they are still running the biz. yes, long queues are common here.

  12. i do like my nasi kandars.. :P especially the ones at my hometown penang.. pity cost has gone up so much nowadays.

  13. omg miera! i sukaaaa gila nasi kandarrrrr..sanggup beratur panjang tau! haha

  14. funny the name so canggih i thought of the phone app Line pulak

  15. because my perut tak boleh tunggu, so i never que on for this one

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