Dec 26, 2015

A miracle near Christmas....

My mom was in the National Cancer Institute recently for an operation. It was a very sensitive operation as it involved removing a new tumour (3rd time) at the throat area. This tumour seem to be growing quite fast and worse thing was it was also located very close to a nerve area. 

This made my mother's surgeon in charge a bit worried, and they requested that we invested and use a nerve monitoring machine that would help lessen any damages, since if there were damages, she probably might lose her voice or even have a hole in the throat or tracheotomy done for breathing. 

It was all very nerve wrecking, and there were a few delays along the way, twice because she had very high blood pressure and also a bout of asthma before a couple of days before the surgery, andthe nerve machine was somehow not available.

On the last admission just a day before the surgery, there was yet another huge scare where the anesthetist did not like the sound of her heart beat rate and said it could be life threatening to have the surgery. My mother was in tears a couple of times because of this... I am sure it would be nerve wrecking hearing that you might just die on that operating table...

But fortunately, thankfully, after a Heart Echo , she was cleared for surgery...

The surgery went on and was successful, under the watchful eye and skillful hands of Miss Anita from Putrajaya Hospital and her amazing team. Miss Anita has been taking care of my mother all these while over the years and has been the one operating on her from the first operation....

My mother was then placed overnight in ICU for careful observation just in case anything untoward happened but was cleared to return to the normal ward the next day.

Anyway, I am posting this to share my mother's experiences and also to thanks the awesome surgical team from Putrajaya Hospital, the caring doctors and nurses in Ward 6A of the National Cancer Institute, my friends and aquaintances who has kept us in their thoughts and prayers in this harrowing time, a couple of people who really helped us a lot in this time of need, as well as another school mate who gave my mother a carton of Izumio to drink...

I have never heard of Izumio before but well, Hannah , my school mate, was kind enough to share it with me as well the benefits of it...

Just a little about this... Izumio Hydrogen Water is highly concentrated hydrogen water at 2.6 mg/l or 2.6 ppm.

Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the world that can penetrate your cells at a mitochondrial level and has strong anti-oxidant properties, eliminating free radicals within your body at enormous rates.

1. Hydrogen is the smallest atom in the chemical chart making it perfect for accessing the deepest darkest parts of the body (mitochondrial cells) where others cannot reach. Every chromosome, amino acid and protein block in our bodies need Hydrogen to build good quality cells.

2. Hydrogen is required by our bodies for organ function. We get it from the air, from water, from food. But less from food because when cooked, there is hardly any hydrogen left. Hydrogen from the air we breathe dissipates quickly. The body needs Hydrogen in ion form. Water is our best source of it.

3. But now there is Hydrogen water - and Izumio has the HIGHEST Hydrogen levels in the world compared to any other Hydrogen product and the Miracle water from Lourdes, France, etc. It is proven that Hydrogen rich water is essential to building good, healthy cells and is also capable of balancing the pH within the body.

4. Hydrogen is difficult to preserve within the body but without it, cells get weak and deteriorate, then high acidity is produced in your system. Thus Hydrogen has also a pH balancing effect on the body not turning acid into alkaline at all, but balancing the equilibrium of the body whilst flushing out acidic toxins through sweat and urine. In short, normal water has been helping us do this all our lives but Izumio is much, much stronger.

5. Open Wounds - open wounds are acidic. When Hydrogen is applied onto them, it reverses the acidity slightly causing pain to lessen. It does not cure the wound but regenerates the new cells to a point of equilibrium.

6. Back Pain and other Organs Pain - same concept where Hydrogen helps because our bone mass, body organs, muscles, they all need Hydrogen. It helps increase bone density too.

7. Skin - Skin is made out of millions of cells but what ratio of cells do we have, good healthy cells or free radicals? Good cells produce smooth, supple skin. It all comes back to the theory of cellular structures and they all need Hydrogen

8. Cancer - Cancer is the result of too many free radicals in the body. Cells that have lost their electrons and gone around stealing goodness from other cells causing havoc and great imbalance within the body, a war of cells within. Hydrogen will strengthen the good army team and with sufficient Hydrogen, they will win the war.

My mom took it and was really surprised by it's benefits... I was also quite stunned at her recovery rate .  
Another patient I noted who had the same surgery and who was with her before her surgery was postponed took about 9 days to recuperate in the hospital before being allowed to discharge... My mother was discharged just 3 days after the surgery!!!

In my mother's words, "Izumio is a very healthy and fast healing drink..I just had my thyroid removed last week a very complicated procedure... Where l may also not able to recover talk or even need a gadget to help me breathe for life....Previously l had 2 operations l was very slow to recover and tired....With my 3rd operation l recover reasonably well and alert after taking lzumio ... l don't feel drowsy or tired...There is no side effect and safe drink...It does wonders and even my wounds are healing's a superb healing and wonderful drink..."

To know more about Izumio, please contact or contact her via WHATAPP only at 0126017907

I have to say it is really a miracle she got well this fast with no complications after all the scares , especially when during  her second surgery, she practically suffered from very hoarse voice for a couple of months....

We were not even sure she would be recovered enough to be discharged or even celebrate Christmas but thanks to Hannah for introducing Izumio, my mom had a great Christmas this year....

This picture is with my daughter and mother about 9 days after surgery at the Paradigm Mall...!!!!  See how far she has come... I am proud of her recovery...


  1. Glad to hear about her recovery status! Stay healthy always!

  2. It's indeed a miracle your mother even look younger and more radiant than ever

    1. hehehe.... amazing right... thank God really after all those scares

  3. Thank God that your Mom recovered fast with the helps from the doctor, nurse and the healthy drink. I want to give my Mom the Izumio Hydrogen Water too. How much is it per carton ?

    1. You can inquire from Hannah at or contact her via WHATAPP only at 0126017907

  4. thank god for her safe and fast recovery.. here's to good health for her and your family

  5. Thanks god your mum is safe now. Hopefully your mum can become healthier
    day by day.

  6. Alhamdulilah the surgery went well and I pray for your mother's long lasting well being.

  7. Aunty really brave. May god bless her with healthy life.

  8. glad that aunty is recovering. pray for her to be stronger and tougher!

  9. I think this will be a greatest gift for you and your family during this festive season! Pray for long life and blessing upon your dear mother =D

  10. glad to hear that your mum is recovering so fast.. the water must be doing its magic there.

  11. I can't stand looking at the scar, how tough is your mom. Well, it's true that miracle does happen. :)

  12. Glad to hear that your mom has been recovering fast and well! God bless your family :)

  13. god bless and take care. happy new year

  14. Glad to know that your mom is recovering fast. Wow the Izumio Hydrogen Water is a miracle and great help.

  15. Thank God! I am very happy that your mom is safe and okay now! Happy New Year to you and your family!

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