Dec 23, 2015

How to look more DASHING.....

Razor bumps, fine lines, greasy skin, breakouts, black heads are some of the frustrating issues men have, whether they choose to admit it or not....

If you are just shaving with a disposable razor and washing your face with that bar of soap.......... it's high time you made some changes to your skincare routine. 

With just a couple of essential grooming products—and sacrificing an extra minute or two in front of the mirror—you can keep breakouts, wrinkles, greasy skin and razor burn away. And, you don't have to be secretly checking your girlfriend's or spouse' s or sister's  skincare products...

It use to be that active, ‘macho’ men don’t care about their appearance, but the reality now is completely different. Today’s men are as committed as women, sometimes even more when it comes to grooming, personal hygiene and looking their best....

 Today’s legends in the sports arena all have their own statement style and they do take care of their appearance. This includes  Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri and David Silva.

Dashing is proud to announce its new range of facial cleansers inspired and endorsed by Manchester City Football Club. These cleansers have been created especially for Asian skin and climates. The ingredients are carefully selected to fight common skin issues of men and while this range of cleansers is strong in action, they are gentle on the skin.

The range consists of five products, each designed to combat the most common skin issues faced by men with an active lifestyle.

My 'model'  here is my lovely step daughter, Alyssa's boyfriend Hilman, a pilot in training... who was sporting enough to be my model for this photoshoot, done by Alyssa.

Naturally, as a pilot, he has to be always presentable and well groomed....

ICY FRESH: Dashing Icy Fresh contains Ice Glacier Water for instant freshness and skin hydration. It provides long lasting freshness and cooling sensation to the skin by instantly relieving excessive heat. Tackle the dryness and kick it cool like David Silva.

OIL CLEAR: Dashing Oil clear formulated with secret ingredient Bamboo Charcoal that removes dirt & excess oil from the skin giving oil free look instantly. Build the strongest defence against oil like midfield defender, Vincent Kompany.

EXTRA WHITE: Score striking white skin and be outstanding like Samir Nasri.
Formulated with Swiss Alpine Plants, Dashing Extra White gives you lighter, brighter & even tones skin. It also appearance of UV induced dark spots.

ACNE FREE: ‘Nobody knows how to tackle & score better than Sergio Aguero!’ Kick off Acne with Dashing Acne Free specially formulated with Zinc & Clay to fight the acne causing bacteria. It also promotes smooth and healthy complexion, score clear skin in no time!

WHITENING SCRUB: Who said men can’t have flawless skin? Dashing whitening scrub is formulated with Sea Salt that deeply cleanses & exfoliates to provide an even skin tone. It helps to unclog pores, remove impurities and blackheads. Let’s score your way to a flawless skin like Kevin De Bruyne!

Hilman really liked it after trying it and he said that his skin felt so clean and fresh after using it...

There is no excuse not to try it as Dashing Facial Cleansers are very affordable at 100g for RM10.90 and 50g for RM6.90. 

So guys, enjoy your active lifestyle and don't worry about your skin issues; let Dashing take care of it. 

For your info, Dashing is also running a National contest and will be giving opportunity to 11 lucky winners to go on a 6 day 5 nights fully paid trip to Manchester, UK.  How cool is that!!! This trip will include a 3 day training camp at the City Football Academy with Academy coaches, an opportunity to get up close to the 1st team players, an Etihad Stadium tour and not forgetting VIP tickets to watch the LIVE match between Manchester City FC and Manchester United on 19th March 2016. 

It’s a very simple SMS contest and all you have to do is to buy any Dashing or Elite products and send a simple SMS to enter the contest which ends on 31st December 2015. Just a few more days, so hurry!!!!   Don't miss out on this opportunity!!!


  1. i want to look dashing too! great article

  2. I remember Dashing in the old days. Now, its range has improved by leaps and bounds.

  3. I got it too~ my father is using it!

  4. I got it too~ my father is using it!

  5. Looking so dashing nya. Gonna intro to my bf soon hehe.

  6. Should try this for my husband - never experienced the product before on his end - but it looks good.

  7. i wanna be a dashing gentleman too la :P..

    been using oxy face wash for many years. should i change?

    1. Hmmm... if you are using a facewash already and it suits you well, stick by it...but if you want a change then go for it..

  8. Wow new facial cleansers for men, good they need more grooming as well.

  9. Guys need to take care their facial as well, will share your post with my male friends :)

  10. Cool! Maybe I might get this for my hubby hehe New Year Gift hehehe

  11. Wow. Good one. Maybe i can buy one and give it to my bf to try it out and see how it goes. Heee

  12. Look dashing! Hahaha. My father is currently using this too.


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