Dec 6, 2015

Penang: Time Capsule Hotel

Situated in the heart of Georgetown, the Time Capsule Hotel is a backpacker’s haven along the bustling Chulia Street, just about a 25-minute drive from Penang International Airport. 

I passed it by heading towards Muntri Street, which is just behind this hotel actually... and I was definitely intrigued....After all, I have heard so much about it and I wanted to experience it too given a chance.....

However I did not stay this time around, but rather just looked around a little...

Time Capsule Hotel has a 24/7 reception desk, 24-hour CCTV, secure keycard access, as well as a females-only floor. 

Laundry services are available in front of the property. There is a car park available, and public transportation is easy to get. 

The elaborately designed capsules comes with air conditioning, a smart TV, 300TC bedsheet, latex foam mattresses, headphones, international socket, USB, and safe locker. 

The shared bathroom has a hairdryer, free toiletries, and a shower. Doesn’t it sound just incredible…. I know the next time I head back to Penang alone, I want to stay here to experience it all…..

The capsule is shaped much like a squat number 8 with a unit each on top and bottom just like a bunk bed, where the top is accessible by a small ladder.

I think there are a total 100 capsules at the hotel, about 33 units in each floor of the five-storey building.

The ground floor of the building is the hotel reception/lobby where guests will be handed a bag of toiletries that include a pair of cotton bedroom slippers and a key card for access to their shoe and luggage lockers, their floor and their own capsule.

You will have to leave your shoes in the shoe locker on the ground floor and change into the bedroom slippers before heading up to the capsules on the floor you are assigned.

As for privacy and safety concerns, each floor has a locked glass door accessible only by a key card and each capsule has a sliding door that can be locked and securely latched from inside.

The air conditioning is centralised but there are controls within each capsule to allow the guests to adjust the air conditioning within the capsule.

As with other dormitory-style hotels, the bathrooms are communal ones, one for women and one for men.

Much like the clean, simplistic lines of the capsules, the bathrooms and toilets are also kept to the same feel with white porcelain basins and simple fuss-free shower stalls.

There is a Little Nap Coffee Bar cafe that occupies a corner of the hotel's lobby that serves simple meals, coffee, tea and  breakfast as well..

Ok... now to plan my next trip back to Penang... and it must be alone!!....... hmmm.....

Time Capsule Hotel
418 & 420 Chulia Street,
10200 George Town, Penang.


  1. This seriously looks so interesting! Saw 8tv quickie shared about this place as well! I want to go visit it too

  2. Wow! I want to try staying in a time capsule hotel! What a nice concept!

  3. OMG this is so cool! Really wish can try it out one day with my bf also! Yay a new place for me to discover next time at Penang <3

  4. Wow such a cool hotel. I heard of this type of hotel in sg. Didn't know that Malaysia also had it.

  5. Didn't know about this Time Capsule Hotel at Penang until I read your post, will bookmark this for my travel reference :)

  6. was asked by a dear friend of mine to review this place. havent had the chance to go back penang yet though, seems rather cute.

  7. have forwarded this link to her btw.. :)

  8. last time i ke penang, a bit last minit punya plan sampai nak book time capsul hotel ni pun tak sempat


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