Dec 9, 2015

Spritzer Slide the City Splashes Into Malaysia with Roaring Success

 Putrajaya has its share of unique international events taking place which includes hot air balloon carnivals, fireworks competitions, floral showcases, motorsports events, film festivals, watersport competitions and marathons. 

During the last weekend (5th and 6th December) , my daughter and I were there at  Malaysia’s administrative capital to take part and enjoy a whole new event there, which involved a massive 1000-foot waterslide lining Lebuh Wadi Ehsan.

We started off there with anticipation and curiosity and when we saw the crowd and the huge slide, we definitely were bowled over...

This unprecedented weekend-affair was the Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia, organised by Monkey Theory Sdn. Bhd., in collaboration with Miss Event World, together with the support of Perbadanan Putrajaya. 

It was officiated by Tan Sri Datuk Seri Azlani Dr M. Mahadevan, and  marked the debut of the global slip n’ slide phenomenon in Malaysia. 

Since its 2013 debut in the United States, Slide the City has developed an almost cult-like following worldwide, having reached more than two million people in major cities worldwide which include, among others, Japan and Hong Kong.

When we got there, we just registered ourselves and received a wrist band, along with a t shirt, a huge donut float and a big water gun...

Visitors were also seen taking advantage of the various other activities held during the carnival-like event which also featured live music, food trucks, games and a host of other activities set to offer fun for the whole family.

I for one, was marveling at the bubble display along with many other excited on lookers...

With just two poles, some cleverly knotted ropes dipped in soapy water, this guy could create hundreds or thousands of bubbles to the delight of the on lookers by just swinging the poles around...

We left our bags at the  PR tent, but members of the general public could leave them at some lockers.. and then made our way towards the slide...

The crowd was definitely massive with thousands of excited participants wanting to get a taste of this new phenomenon here in Malaysia

My little girl giving her peace sign before heading off for the first round...

Just before you get on the slide, you are already 'attacked' by the staff there whose mission are to try to soak you with their water guns...sometimes the participants in the queue will also shoot you ...

Then ... get ready..


.... and  goooooo.........

There isn't that much water on the slide  but a pipe at the beginning of the slide disperses water so the slide can maintain slick and slippery for you to slide down....

And it's a long way down....... hehehe 

You land in a puddle of water, naturally.. and then you can make your way up again... to start over depending on your pass.. if you only have a one time pass, then you cannot do it again...

Feeling peckish after all the sliding, my daughter and I took  the opportunity to indulge in the delicious array of food offered by the food trucks.. we ordered the Crispy Chicken Chop here....

As well as a combination of Chicken Dim Sum here at this KL Home Made Dim Sum food truck... both which tasted heavenly...

Anyway, despite being a fun event, Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also championed a serious and benevolent cause. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of passes were donated to the National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia (NKF) in support of patients suffering from kidney disease. 

Spritzer Slide the City Malaysia also aimed to raise awareness of obesity, targeting a healthy lifestyle in a fun and engaging event in which the whole family could participate. Receiving a mock cheque amounting to RM25,000.00 at the event was Chief Executive Officer of NKF, Mr. Chua Hong Wee.

Slide the City Malaysia is an initiative by Monkey Theory Sdn. Bhd., consisting of a group of eight aspiring young minds led by the able guidance of entrepreneur Leong Delon. Although young, Monkey Theory is not without experience, having successfully organised and implemented other notable events in the country.

It certainly was a fun event and even the temporary heavy
rain could not stop all the merry makers and fun lovers from this awesome event.. !!! 

I was there for the evening session and we got to enjoy an amazing sunset as well as not worry about sun burns... hehehe.....


  1. Your daughter should enjoy it. It looks like a great fun event. Saw many other friends enjoying it too.

  2. slide looks fun, food looks very nice. how much it costs per slide?

  3. i bet your girl and you had tonnes of fun there! so sad that i miss this awesome event

  4. so enjoyable. Slide here and slide there... :)
    I can only slide around on my home floor, put some water on it.

  5. My children and I also lost count the number of times we went on the slide. It was fun, especially after we find the right way to gain momentum, watching everyone falls in our path was pretty hilarious as they splashes into the water as they land.

  6. Looks like so much fun!! Unfortunately couldn't go for this event but it sure looks so fun!

  7. It certainly looks fun enough!

    1. it sure was a lot of fun despite the heavy thunderstorm halfway

  8. wow so fun and sure kids and adults love it.
    too bad having important things to do with son, else I join this with son.


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