Dec 18, 2015


There is something about a charm bracelet that is of course, charming... and very attractive to women like is as though when you have a charm bracelet, it is a milestone every time you collect or add another charm to it.. well, at least it is to us middle class people... After all, each charm is carefully selected to add to our bracelet over the time...

Or on the other hand, you might be adding a charm to your charm bracelet every time you achieve something or if that charm reminds you of something you want to remember...

Although, for rich people who can afford to buy all the charms they want in one go, it probably is different...

But hey, whatever it is, I love charm bracelets and their charms....and we have heard so much about it too... especially with Thomas Sabo, Pandora and less well known ones around..... but hey, there is a new kid on the block, and this new kid is set to be at par with Thomas Sabo and Pandora.....and deserving too..... and of course, on my "I want" list... LOL

Say "hello" to Endless Jewelry, the colorful Danish fashion jewelry brand, that has arrived in Malaysia.  Endless Jewelry was created by Danish entrepreneur, Jesper Nielsen, born out of the idea to offer fine jewelry at affordable prices, making designer jewelry attainable for a wide customer group.

  Endless Jewelry features fashionable and high quality leather wrap bracelets that come in 25 colours and more than 600 charms to suit every lifestyle, attitude and to suit any occasion, any mood, and any outfit.

The brand also features the fashionable and glamorous Jennifer Lopez as its brand ambassador and co-designer.  And yes, Malaysians, we are lucky.... the award-winning J Lo Collection will also be available in Malaysia. 

The Endless Jewelry Boutique at Sunway Pyramid’s Lower Ground Concourse recently opened this month (December 2015) and you know what??? 

 Malaysia would be the first country in South East Asia to open an Endless boutique and the second in Asia after Taiwan.  So there... you can brag to your Singaporean, Thai, Indonesian and so on friends you got your hands on the Endless Jewelry charm bracelets first.... hehehe... (don't be mad k, my Singaporean/ Thai/ Indonesian friends)

How to get started??? Easy, peasy... go look through all those gorgeous attractive charms there is there.... and choose your favorite one, and of course, if you can afford it, choose more....the more the merrier right.....?

Then choose your favorite coloured leather bracelet... you can choose from the single wrap, double wrap or even triple wrap... the more wraps... the more charms you can add in... remember??? Hehehe

Then again, you can just wear the bracelet on its own as well...I am so loving this blue turquoise colour one....

Or well.... this is how it will look like with charms.....isn't it just like soooo gorgeous.... I know I am drooling over it...... You have a choice for a rhodium plated bracelet or the gold plated bracelet... the plating if not over the leather but at the clasp which is a  strong magnetic one...

The same goes for the charms... you can opt for the ring types or the dangling either rhodium, gold or rose gold plated....

Jesper who has a long history in the jewelry business was inspired to create Endless Jewelry that is colourful and customizable to give it a broad appeal. Instead of just one bracelet that fits in a variety of charms, Endless uniqueness lies in the range of leather wrap bracelets in single, double or triple wrap styles and more than 600 unique charms in sterling silver plated with rhodium, gold plated and rose gold plated . 

The choices are endless.  You  can truly show off your own style by choosing, creating and combining a design that is your own.

Be sure to Colour Your Life with endless options of bracelets and charms including the award-winning Jennifer Lopez collection ....

These would be the glamorous, edgy and trendy designs inspired and designed by J Lo herself!!! 

 The Jennifer Lopez Collection by Endless Jewelry consists of 7 bracelet colours and more than 100 charms with each and every element designed and/or approved personally by Jennifer Lopez....

Did you realize that you can also use these gorgeous charms as a pendant or to make a lovely necklace out of it... Endless Jewelry has the  leather necklace for it too...!!

Endless with its affordable luxury jewelry line is the fastest growing jewelry brand in the world. It is in more than 3500 point of sales in 30 countries - since its global launch in 2013. In Malaysia, Endless Jewelry has teamed up with Gimax Sdn Bhd, the exclusive distributor of Endless Jewelry in Malaysia and Singapore.

Endless Jewelry bracelets are priced from RM 299 onwards while the charms are priced from RM119 onwards.

If you want to save more, use my Exclusive Discount Code to get yourself a 15% discount....(just remember it, or take a screen shot of this and use it)

Terms and Conditions:-
  1. Redemption code is only applicable per customer or per transaction
  2. Present the redemption code upon redemption (go on, buy yourself that bracelet or charm you got your eye on!!!)
  3. Redemption code is only applicable on normal priced item and not valid for any ongoing promotional items
  4. Gimax Sdn Bhd reserves the right to change the terms and condition at any time...

The Endless Jewelry boutique is located on LG Concourse, Sunway Pyramid and is open daily from 10 am to 10 pm. 

More information can be found on / / +603-62582955

Some of the pictures here are credit to Sherry Go....while some others are mine....


  1. I love jewelry :3 *I think every women does :P. agree with u, I like the red one, so pretty

  2. OOO! this is something different. I like the leather strap :D

  3. always see this endless.. now only know they sell of unique jewelry .

  4. I love accessories but I don't wear them. Weird, right? I'll be checking this store out, nonetheless.

  5. I always love handmade products. The accessories look so special!

  6. wow 15% discount! thanks for sharing, i think i will go for triple band. looks really elegant.

  7. SO nice! Will check this store out with my friends. I think they will like it!

  8. I was there also, I like the JLo collection.

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