Apr 22, 2014

Caring for Miss Muezza and Mr Beebo

Muezza is my female cat and Beebo is my male cat.. Her brother/partner in crime/companion for life.
I have them for 1 1/2 years already. They are my fur kids, close to my heart. I had both of them neutered so there won't be any accidents and additional kitties etc..  
They living in a big 3 storey cat condo my husband bought them and are et out to run around my house 2-3 hours, once or twice a day.
Food wise, they consume dry cat food. Originally I started with the very expensive ones like Science Plan, Royal Canin and so on but now due to budget and seeing not any difference, they consume the normal brands like Whiskas and Smart Heart.
As for cat litter, I started with clay and crystal and got fed up until I discovered pine pellets. This one is my favourite and am soooo sticking to this as before this there was just so much tracking marks and mess all over but with pine pellets, I discover savings, less odour and no tracking.
I choose the brand Fido. This can be bought in any Petsmore shops for just about RM28. When you pour the pellets out. There is that refreshing pine smell that so reminds me of IKEA.
Just put a little in there and once the cats pee or poop then the pellets will disintegrate and expand. 
Definitely my favourite...
That is for now, my two cents worth and ...just a little about my kitties....

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