Apr 12, 2014

School carnival

My little girl's school had a school carnival today.

Two to three days prior to that, she had already asked her father for money to buy some school coupons.

Since my little girl was insistant we had to go, we went to school this morning.

They had a small telematch too for the kids even a paintball thingie.

There was a bouncy castle and slide. A bouncy pool with inflatable rafts, a haunted house (which happened to be my daughter's classroom) , horse rides, a petting zoo and of course... food etc..

We bought another 2 set of coupons bringing the total to RM30.

We bought some nasi lemak for RM2, spaghetti for RM4, fried bee hoon for RM4, soft drinks for RM3, chocolate dipped biscuits and marshmallows for RM4 and little daughter entered the Haunted House for RM5 and petting zoo for RM4  (x2 with me).

Overall, it was OK.. But I felt for a school carnival it was a bit expensive..

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