Apr 22, 2014

Yun Nam hair care visit

I have been pretty stressed lately from a lot of things including Hubby's health and all.

And as a result of that. My hair have been falling out more drastically then normal. So much that I am worried.

So out of curiosity I contacted Yun Nam via a newspaper advertisement and they invited me to come for an assessment and free treatment.

I went to the Yun Nam centre at the  Mid Valley boulevard. They took my details and I was asked to wait until my consultant came to my assistance.

I was taken to a consultation room where they scanned my scalp. According to the consultant, I had very oily scalp, oil seeds and dandruff (results from some hyperactive skin cells etc)

Then I was brought to the first floor for treatment. The treatment was supposedly worth RM580!!!

She washed my hair with some herbal shampoo and sprayed a few tonic and such while shampooing then only was my hair rinsed and treatment applied.

Since the base of the shampoo and treatment were all of herbal base, there was a very strong smell of medicinal herbs.

The treatment was left with a mask on top for almost an hour. There was a cool and tingling feeling while waiting. Then the consultant rinsed the treatment off and applied some Jasmine conditioner.

Then blew dry my hair.

Once done I was taken to the consultation room again to rescan my scalp condition which was considerably much better then before..

Then came the sales pitch. I was recommended to undergo the full package of at least 10 treatments in about 3 months. All of that would cost my something like RM 4000++. When I mention it was out of my budget, then I was offered another package that costed RM 2000++. And when I declined, I was offered a very basic package of RM988.

I did not sign up for any of the packages as I felt it was too over inflatedly priced and I did not have that much money to spare..

So I was asked to sign the form and given a small pouch and samples of the shampoo, conditioner and tonic (I think).

That was the end of my visit. It was enlightening and well interesting...

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