Apr 27, 2014

Bad rumours

People always have something bad to say about you irregardless of what you do.

I really do not understand why they cannot stop judging others and start to measure their own selves before condemning others of this and that.

I have long since learned to ignore what people have to say about me, if any, although it does hurt sometimes but well, let it slide into one ear and out or just pretend you don't know anything.

In every situation, every event, you will see lots and lots of these negative people with nothing to do saying something bad about it.

It can be a wedding. "Wah, the food so lousy." Or "wah, they waste so much money".

Politics, government, visiting artistes/ VIPs, religion and even ourselves.

People have something negative to say and if we are going to take heart over everything they say, we probably will go nuts and tear out our hair faster.

So, I just ignore them, if they get too much, kicking them out of your life / out of your Facebook or just cutting them off and walking the other way when you come in contact with them is a great idea.

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