Apr 12, 2014

MIHAS -the Halal taste of different countries

Visiting MIHAS is always interesting. I attended as a trade visitor.

The exhibition itself this year at the KL Convention Centre was pretty much a feast for the senses. There were colours everywhere.. Pretty  national costumes for some .. Food ... And the smell of food..

It was fascinating. Let loose in the exhibition hall, some playful souls like me could imagine being a kid clamouring for free food tasting etc.

There were definitely a lot to try. And my favourite was at the Thai Pavilion where not only did I get to witness a live cooking demonstration of my favourite Green Curry Chicken but also be treated to live demonstration of Fruit/food carving.

When it comes to the exhibitors, it was a delight to step from one area to the next.. Thailand, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, China, Taiwan, Brunei, Korea, Japan, South Africa, Chile, Italy and many more...

Check out my humble photos.. But of you can go check it out.. Today's  (12/4/2014) the last day!!! There ought to be great deals and great opportunities depending on the type of visitor you are...

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