Apr 3, 2014

Prawn fritters aka cucur udang..

Had some prawn fritters today, better known as cucur udang at the Restoran Noor in SG 1 in Taman Sri Gombak,  a stone's throw from my house.

These cucur udang are made from flour, eggs etc..etc.. And a prawn pressed to it and smothered with chilli sauce, in this case blended with nuts as well.

The cucur udang here are quite tasty but somewhat I find the food here at this restaurant overpriced.
My husband had a plate of rice with veges, shellfish and a fried fish. My son had rice with just one piece of chicken and I had no rice but just chicken and some veges. Along with a glass of plain water, iced tea and hot nescafe o', the bill came up to RM30.40!!!!

Tell me if you think that was reasonably priced....

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