Apr 6, 2014

The most Awwwww- inspiring mom and babies pictures

These pictures are also from the San Diego zoo. Credits do not belong to me but to the photographers there..

I just cannot resist posting them on my blog as these pictures made me go "Awww..."

If you are in San Diego.. Don't miss out the zoo.. I was there back in 2001 and I loved it . I am sure it is even more awesome now.. If I only had a chance to re-visit it now again.... Sighhhhh....

And to some of the irresponsible lousy parents who don't know how to love, nurture or care for your child, learn from these pictures.

Animals are sometimes so loving, protective and tender, too, to their young... Whereas some human parents kill, hurt and cause great pain/ damage mentally  or/and physically to their own kids. So heartless human beings are not like animals.. They are worse then animals...

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