Apr 9, 2014

Sri Berlian Nasi Campur

If you are looking for some traditional "nasi campur"  /rice with side dishes, and is around Greenwood, Gombak area, you should check this "warong" out.

Runned by a lady called Ummi, this stall serves great grilled fish, ulam, curries and so on.
This is among my husband's most favourite place to eat.

Located along the main Jalan Gombak /Greenwood road, it is right opposite the "Greenwood Bundles".

If you were to ask me, personally I love the kangkung belacan there and also the grilled fish aka Ikan Pari Bakar with the sambal. I can never resist that. The other dishes like Siput Sedut masak cili api and such are also lovely. My little girl likes it


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