Aug 30, 2015

Love All this Merdeka....

Our country is celebrating its 58th year of Independence this coming Monday with the theme #sehatisejiwa (one heart, one spirit) and and though I must say I am happy our country has gotten this far, there are so many issues that make me sad.

Oh no its not just the government, as I am a neutral party and I believe that every political party has its share of good, honest people and its share of dishonest politicians as well. We are all humans and everyone has their mistakes, and weaknesses.

What I am actually sad is that it seems that somehow or other, our country is moving backwards... in the terms of being "sehati sejiwa " (one heart, one spirit) 

What I mean is the people around are starting to be more intolerant and impatient, and many people just like nothing better then to pick a bone over the smallest issue and make it out of proportion, spreading fear, hatred and inciting dissatisfaction over everything. 

We are living in a country which thankfully is pretty stable, our family and friends have jobs, roofs over their head, good food to eat, etc...we do not have to go through riots (yet, though if all this dissatisfaction and intolerance continues with people who love to stir things up... it might just happen), war, misery and all... unlike some countries where the people are starving and suffering..

Take a good look at the news of what is happening around the world, compare ourselves first with those who has less and learn to be grateful for whatever we have before we compare ourselves with those who have more and strive to work towards that... (not just compare , bicker and get jealous)

I feel that our parents and grand parents time were more peaceful with everyone really accepting and living peacefully as one. I feel that during those times, the people then were so much more united, happy, tolerant and did not shun each other or pick on each other in terms of religion or race, whereas nowadays, the slightest issue can escalate into a big issue with people picking on religion or race , like what happened at the Low Yat incident recently..

Can we with this coming Independence Day (Merdeka day) head towards more patience, love, tolerance and acceptance of our fellow countrymen without stopping to check what race or religion he is? After all, there is no religion that teaches us to do bad things or hate other people unless it is worshiping the devil or those cult things...

Like the saying goes, "walaupun berbeza agama dan kaum, darah sama merah" (despite the difference in religion, race , our blood bleeds the same colour)

We really start with ourselves, and our children. Encourage them to mix with other races and religion and learn about other cultures, since our country is diverse with cultures. I always encourage my own kids to mix around with everyone and have friends of different races. My youngest daughter grew up well in that manner. Since I am Chinese, and her dad is a Malay, we also sent her to an Indian babysitter whom she is very close with and calls Ah mama... She has close friends who are Malay, Indian, Indian/Filipino, Chinese and Caucasian..

But being a mother of three and a step mom of two, I have noticed how some of my children's peers can be pretty calculating and racist themselves, definite signs of how they were brought up to shun other races and religion..

Anyway, thanks for listening to my complaints, feelings and ramblings of this silly, not so famous blogger... hahaha... but seriously... I pray for a more united Malaysia where all our countrymen can practice lots of love, tolerance, acceptance, patience and support for each other irregardless of the colour of the skin or religion...even God tells us to respect and tolerate other religion, and acting superior, vulgar and rude to others only serves to give other people a wrong image of your own religion...Right or RIGHT???

Ok... let me end this now before I incite someone's or anyone's wrath and get people hurling rocks or something else at me... I end it with Hard Rock Cafe's tagline... a very appropriate "Love All,  Serve All..."

Selamat Hari Merdeka........

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