Aug 27, 2015

Oh My Goat- Come Baaack!!

I was at Kampung Dalam Ayer to check out the new upcoming 'kampung' adventure by Oh My English! (OME!), Oh My Goat - Come Baaack....thanks to Mawardi Yunus 

When I entered the area, I was welcomed by lush foliage and the soothing sounds of small waterfalls that make me realize and marvel at the wonder of nature all over again...

Ok, maybe not so Kampung Dalam Ayer... heheh, this place is actually the Subak Restaurant at Bukit Lanjan which was built on the fringe of the natural virgin forest there....It is definitely out of the way from the hustle and bustle of town , the atmosphere and ambience is so tranquil it is definitely a haven...

Anyway, Subak Restaurant was the Kampung Dalam Ayer for the day... as Astro announced to all Oh My English fans the launch of yet another special telemovie, Oh My Goat - Come Baaack!! 

This telemovie will premiere on the 5th September 2015 at 9pm, exclusively on Astro TViQ (Channel 610), Astro Prima (Channel 105) as well as in High Definition over at Astro Maya HD (Channel 135)

As we signed in we were given mosquito patches.... a very much needed one especially when in a lovely garden place like this where mosquitoes swarm in wait for yummy blood donors...ok, ok, Miera, stop getting carried away... hehehe.....

Gosh but I could not resist including these pictures of me ... see the place is just so beautiful... and if we have a wedding here or a birthday here... isn't it just amazing......

ok... ok, enough of the day dreaming, and back to reality...

The event start with the emcee/host for the day, Azrul Zaidi asking the members of the media and guests a few questions where those who could answer walked away with a Puma or QuikSilver watch...  

Then there was a little performance by a couple of the Convent Bukit Nenas girls....which left many guests in stitches over their antics... 

Then there was the question and answer section with the Astro's Head of Education, Vickie Lai and Executive Producer of Oh My English, Lina Tan.

“We at Astro continue to make learning conversational English fun and engaging for Malaysians. In Oh My English: Oh My Goat – Come Baaack!!, we put the characters we love from SMK Ayer Dalam in unfamiliar surroundings, in order to highlight the importance of education and proficiency in English whether one stays in the heart of Kuala Lumpur or in the rural villages of Malaysia. We hope that the fans will laugh and learn along with the cast of this special telemovie. We would also like to thank Xpax and Vitagen for their unwavering support and partnership”, Vickie said....

Then there was a little scuffle and some issues when the door could not open to let the cast of Oh My Goat in and some confusion until Cik Kam Ambing (the goat) came to the rescue and told the guests that the key was under one of the chairs and sent everyone scrambling in search..but the key was found quickly... and the cast appeared with the burst of some confetti....

 Oh My English: Oh My Goat – Come Baaack!! is the fourth telemovie after Oh My Ganu!, Oh My English – Hello America and Oh My English: Villa Isabellaaa! 

Directed by Shamyl Othman and Umi Omar, it tells the story of Henry Middleton’s (Zain Saidin) experiences as a volunteer teacher and his adventurous journey in Kampung Dalam Ayer, a remote Malaysian village. 

Faced with a lack of amenities and surrounded by creepy crawlies, Mr Middleton finds solace from kampung life in an unlikely source – Cik Kam Ambing, the village goat (voiced by Jihan Muse, winner of Best Female Comedian Award in Anugerah Lawak Warna 2015).

Adding to the cast, Abam Bocey (winner of Best Male Comedian Award in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2014) brings his trademark spontaneous humour to the character ‘Mail’, the acting ‘penghulu’ of Kampung Dalam Ayer. 

‘Mail’ leaves Mr. Middleton with the uphill task of engaging with the students of SK Dalam Ayer, Leela (Kashika from Ceria Popstar), Abu (Haiqal Eqmal) and Izz Illham (Hafiz), who are far more interested in pulling pranks on their new teacher than learning.

Back in Ayer Dalam, Encik Ariff (Nazrief Nazri) and Cikgu Ayu (Tiz Zaqyah) are getting closer. To stop their relationship from blossoming, Mr. Middleton’s former students decide to make a surprise visit to bring Mr. Middleton back. 

The appearance of Jojie (Nadiya Nisaa), Zack (Juzzthin), Taylor Marie Smith (Juliana Evans) and See You Soon (Roax Tan) at Kampung Dalam Ayer presents Mr. Middleton with a dilemma – should he remain in Kampung Dalam Ayer or return to SMK Ayer Dalam? 

This telemovie also stars Jasmin Hamid as Encik Ariff’s mom. Be sure to watch Oh My English: Oh My Goat – Come Baaack!! to find out how this exciting plot unravels.

Fans of Oh My English! can get the latest updates and engage with the show via social media – be it on Facebook (Oh My English), Twitter (@Oh_My_English), YouTube (Oh My English!) or Instagram (@ohmyenglish). There will also be a dedicated social media campaign called the “Oh My Goat Show”, which stars the resident goat from the telemovie, 

Cik Kam Ambing. Fans will be able to submit screen captures of questionable English usage alongside their questions for clarification using the hashtag #ohmygoat via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. In return, Cik Kam will respond their questions in a comedy-coated follow-up video. Log on to the official Oh My English! website, for more info.

Do not to miss the opportunity to watch the premiere of Oh My English: Oh My Goat – Come Baaack!!  on Astro TViQ (Channel 610), Astro Maya HD (Channel 135) and Astro Prima (Channel 105) on 5th September 2015 at 9pm.

To subscribe to Astro, please call us at 03-95433838 or visit our official website


  1. such fun time there, but morning time I need get kids so not able to join. love your pics, so nature there. hehe.. yeah so now we back to reality :D

  2. Nice to have the event at somewhere green. A nice change from the usual restaurants or cafes or hotels. Watched the is definitely worth a good laugh. Good for unstressing!

    1. absolutely... I have it on my PVR to record now.. LOL

  3. Wow... the telemovie looks interesting. Will book my calendar for the premier. Tks for sharing.

    1. pleasure is mine... it is pretty interesting and funny... and best of all it helps the kids improve their English...

  4. such a beautiful place, one untouched by the concrete jungle of the cities.

    you do take very nice photos, have you thought of blowing it up and setting it larger? My eyes are getting old, tough to squint to see the photos. :P

    1. Aiyooo... I thought the pictures were pretty big.. LOL.. will look into it

  5. Hey it actually looks quite nice HAHA Lots of funny moments. That's a nice place to have events btw!

    1. definitely.... love the venue .. but could be creepy if left alone there at night... hehehe

  6. Oooopssss. I missed this event. Looks like so much fun. Henry one of my favourite character on Oh My English. Good to see this one movie is focused on him

    1. it sure is... but the venue was a little out of nowhere... hahaha.. can't wait to see the telemovie too

  7. Fun-filled event.... Never knew there's such a place exist.. Nice kampung though!~


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