Aug 13, 2015

AirAsia Battle of the Year 2015

AirAsia, the world’s best low-cost airline for seven consecutive years is continued its efforts in developing young talents in the country by being the Title Sponsor for the recent Battle of the Year 2015, Malaysia’s biggest street dance championship which was held at Queensbay Mall in Penang. 

And your truly here was blessed to get an opportunity to watch the breakdancers, streetdancers  or bboy crew battle it out on the dance floor on the concourse area of the centre court...

Iron Monkey, one of the judges from USA got down to the floor and showed his moves as well....

The Battle of the Year is the biggest street dance competition in the world, also known to be the World Cup of breakdancing. It has also gained attention for positive promotion of hip-hop culture and social unity.

There was a pretty impressive line-up of international judges for Battle of the Year 2015 in Penang which included renowned Bboy Iron Monkey, from the United States of America; Bboy Zero Nine from Korea and Bboy Bojin from Taiwan, as well as DJ Just-A-Kid  from Germany and DJ Slowz  from Vietnam as the DJs.

Dance crew from around the globe fight it out in regional preliminaries in the hope of qualifying for the prestigious finals’ stage, and Battle of the Year Malaysia is where Malaysia’s breakdance crew dance their hearts out to qualify for the South Asia round before proceeding to the finals.

It definitely was mesmerizing watching the dancers strut and show off all their moves in death defying styles that keep the spectators on the edge of their seats and forgetting to breathe...

I am sorry the pictures are not too clear because I am only using a regular camera... and these guys moves were all so fast and amazing...

AirAsia believes in the development of young talent in all fields and have always been heavily involved in growing young talent, especially in sports. 

It was really a treat getting to watch this event, thanks to our AirAsia Penang Takeover trip , so thank you to AirAsia Bloggers Community (AABC) and MyPenang for organizing this.....

AirAsia was proud to have been part of the Malaysian-leg of this international competition and hope that Malaysia will be well-represented in the regional rounds. 

The AirAsia Battle Of The Year Malaysia 2015 ended successfully  with the crew winner being Famous Crew and solo winner being Lego SAm... Congratulations guys and may you continue doing us proud in the upcoming 'battles'....

picture credit to +Calista Leah Liew 

AirAsia has been continuously creating opportunities and providing the platform for the talents and youths to help them achieve success, recognize their own strengths and potential. And on that note, AirAsia has also enabled many young talents to realize their dreams to compete at the highest levels such as Zulfahmi Khairuddin, MotoGP rider and international squash player Low Wee Wern.

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