Aug 10, 2015

RAKU and DIGI to Rock Merdeka with negaRAKU@HardRockCafe Tour

Freedom and independence are what makes Merdeka, and in the spirit of Malaysia's 58th Independence Day celebrations, Astro Radio’s very own RAKU digital streaming service and Digi are teaming up to rock Malaysia with the country’s best acts performing ‘live’ in the nationwide negaRAKU@HardRockCafe Tour.

Yours truly here was of course at the Hard Rock Cafe in Kuala Lumpur to check out what was happening and what would be happening......

Anyway, the news is that  some of Malaysia’s best rock and indie bands will be performing at the four Malaysian Hard Rock locations on Sundays in August and the first week of September. 

Cannot go to all those places?? Fret not... I have great news!!! You can still enjoy the performances by streaming the negaRAKU@HardRockCafe Tour ‘live’ on the RAKU app.

The news is that each of these concerts will take place over four hours on Sundays, between 3-7 pm, at the Hard Rock Cafes in Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Sabah and Penang. 

The great news to all is that all these concerts will be featured ‘live’, streamed straight on to RAKU. 

The tour kicked off on 9 August in Malacca, and will be followed by 16 August in Penang, 23 August in Sabah, before culminating in Kuala Lumpur on the 6th of September.

 With one opening act and four artists per performance, fans will enjoy four hours of non-stop local favourites streamed ‘live’ on RAKU.

Emcee – Prem, MIX fm Breakfast Crew

The performance is a veritable Who’s Who of Malaysian talent.

Ipoh’s Bittersweet will be there, as well as the metalcore maestros Massacre Conspiracy. Not to mention Tres Empre, Love Me Butch, Plague of Happiness and the rap rock acts Dragon Red. Other acts like Pretty Ugly, Bill Musa, Hazama, and Misgiven (Sabah) will also participate in the tour.

Are you excited yet... I know I am because I love music... and music is my stress reliever... (that and my books, photography, travel and games.. of course..hehehe) But I can't live without my music....

Chan May Ling (Head of Marketing Services, Digi, Jake Abdullah, CEO of Astro Radio and Jayaram Nagaraj (junior), Head of Digital Sales, Astro Radio,  

RAKU caters to the local music preferences of all Malaysians through personalised content. It also strives to bring the very best in ‘live’ music direct to your smart device or desktop via live streaming.

RAKU is working with entertainment outlets like Backyard, Laundry, Rootz and No Black Tie to enable the live streaming of local acts. The goal is to enable every Malaysian, regardless of their location, to enjoy a unique and memorable music experience.

RAKU offers something unique for customers with its blend of international as well as local artists. It’s this emphasis on local talent as well that makes them an exciting partner to work with.

Digi is an avid supporter of local talent and content. It recently produced a musical collaboration of Elizabeth Tan’s Knock-Knock with today’s hottest local artists, such as Shawn Lee, Diandra Arjunaidi and Narmi, busking group Genji as well as established rockers Bunkface. 

Bil Musa, Pretty Ugly, Chan May Ling (Head of Marketing Services, Digi. (Front) Jayaram Nagaraj (junior), Head of Digital Sales, Astro Radio, Dragon Red, Masscare Conspiracy (back) Jake Abdullah, CEO of Astro Radio, Love me Butch, Tres Empre

We are very encouraged by the take up of our unlimited music streaming pass, Digi Music Freedom. Today, with partners like RAKU, our customers can enjoy the biggest catalogue of songs, local and international, as well as the widest variety of music on offer.

With Music Freedom, Digi customers can listen to music all day on their smartphones without being tied down to a WiFi signal or worrying about bill shock. From now until 30 September, music lovers can activate this service for free and get 120 days of unlimited music streaming.

The lovely Bill Musa mesmerizing us with her soulful voice....

RAKU include functions like offline listening, digital radio stations and a web player which can be embedded on websites outside of RAKU. Video content will also be available soon, which will allow users to experience live local music on the go.

From the time it was launch RAKU’s downloads have doubled, currently hitting 87,000 downloads. At the same time, the number of songs on RAKU grew from its initial 2 million to 8.5 million. With more songs and radio streaming available every day, we are confident that time spent on RAKU will continue to grow.

In keeping with music’s evolving consumption patterns, local artists are also now launching their new singles or albums first on RAKU, such as Amy Mastura and Dragon Red.

Go to your iOS and Android app store and download the RAKU App now to participate in Malaysia’s best music contests, concerts and promotions. 

For more information on Digi Music Freedom check out   :


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