Aug 17, 2015

Pamper your feet with Medifeet...

Many people, yours included here are tempted to just put their feet in any pair of shoes they find nice or fashionable and be done with it. However, do you know that the regular pretty and nice-looking footwear are often not the best choice for proper foot function or your overall health. Many people do not realize it but happy and healthy feet are the very foundation of overall well being.

The consequences of wearing poorly fitting shoes can be a painful and debilitating lesson, which can lead to a variety of foot disorders like blisters, callouses, bunions, hammer toes,  circulation problems. 

It can even change your skeletal system and the muscular structure that it supports and change your posture and the way you walk. 

If you wear an uncomfortable pair of shoes, your feet will ache and this can really make you tired and cause pain in the ankles, hips, knees and lower back.

I was recently introduced to “MEDIFEET” footwear and I am in love... The shoes are highly comfortable, and you can wear it straight without the need for “breaking-in” (you know.. bending, twisting, biting, stretching your new pair of shoes so they do not hurt your feet) and yet durable thanks to the use of materials of the highest quality and their uncompromising and strict quality control. 

I was pretty surprised to find that each individual pair of shoes has over 10 performance features and the key material uses in the shoe is “PORON” which is wide accepted and wearable for easing leg problems.

photo credit from medifeet

Not only are the shoes quite stylish and come in a variety of attractive colours, and heavenly on your feet but they are specially designed to help alleviate and/or avoid many of the foot problems.

MediFeet shoes specialise in Health and Wellness footwear especially for diabetic, arthritic and other types of medical conditions patience that require special care.

The materials have also been specifically created for each individual foot-health conditions and adapted to withstand the heat in warmer climates

It is very important to wear good shoes, as our foot alone has more than 25 percent of the body's collected bone mass. Many people are not aware of this importance and well, if any of these bones become misaligned, our body may be affected in numerous ways.

 Sadly feet problems are not always noticed immediately. However, other aches and pains, including knee problems, hip pains, lower back problems, shoulder and neck tensions, headaches and stomachaches, could be due to misaligned bones in our feet which we have ignored...

There are about 3.2 million cases of diabetes in Malaysia in 

2014. Diabetes can cause a loss of feeling in the feet, known as 

neuropathy. This happens due to high sugar levels in the body 

interfering with nerve signals from the feet to the brain.

When that becomes too much, some diabetes patients can no 

longer feel pain in their feet. This loss of feeling means that the

feet are at significant risk of injuries such as corns, blisters or 

pressure areas. 

Poorly fitting shoes can cause all of these problems, which in turn

 can lead to ulceration (a hole in the skin) and possible infection. In

 the worst cases, foot or lower leg amputation may be required.

When you consider that foot problems are the most common reason

 for hospital admissions in people with diabetes, it becomes very 

clear that footwear has an important job to do. Any loss of feeling,

 limited joint motion, foot deformities such as bunions, flatfeet and

 claw toes, as well as the risk of ulceration and amputation, should 

be considered when choosing footwear.

Diabetic Shoe

Studies have shown that people who have painful feet, ulceration, 

loss of feeling or poor circulation often wear incorrect footwear. 

 Other research from the UK also shows that ill-fitting shoes may 

cause foot ulcers in people with diabetes and may exacerbate other 

complications in people without diabetes. In fact, evidence shows 

that people with diabetes and loss of feeling or ulceration are far 

more likely to be wearing poorly fitting shoes.

Shoes from the MediFeet Diabetic footwear range feature a 

seamless interior construction that reduces the abrasion and assist 

in preventing skin breakdown and foot problems.

The inside of the MediFeet shoes for diabetics is made without 

high, irritating seams. Sometimes these seams are the thing that 

rub against a diabetic foot and can cause irritation, blisters, 

calluses and infections!!

The MediFeet Diabetic shoe also has a specially formulated pure, chemically inert foam without blowing agent residues and with uniform cell structure with out regular cell walls.

It is Latex-free,non- toxic and hypoallergenic, reducing skin irritation and very ideal as a diabetic footwear...

MediFeet shoes are the most ideal for :
  • People who like elegance but a good quality footwear for their comfort.
  • People who require special care for their feet, this will include patients with diabetes, arthritis and any other medical conditions.
  • People who are concern for their own health.
  • People who want to maximize the comfortable of their footwear.
  • Pregnant mothers and Mothers
  • Travelers who walk alot
  • People who are standing on their feet most of the time for work, from the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry and so on....

And with that, come and let us check out my very own pair of MediFeet shoes...

I chose a pair of red Comfeet MediFeet shoes for myself...I wanted some colour in my life and so after pondering on 4 colours, which were the red, the camel/tan, the black and the brown, I decided to go for red...

Helllllooooo , to my beautiful and precious new pair of shoes... I am going to be placing my feet in your care... so be kind and gentle to my feet , yaa....

Wearing it is such a bliss... as my feet sink into the PORON cushioning. If you want to know how it feels like, try walking on your mattress.... or get yourself one of these MediFeet shoes... then you will know what I mean...

And so I end my blog here for today.... as I am headed out to enjoy the comfort of my MediFeet shoes....

And before we go.. here are a couple of pictures of me and my blogger friend, Sherry with our super comfy MediFeet shoes...

For more info, do check out the website and facebook:

Or head to :

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Tel : 603- 5513 3708 / 697
Fax : 603- 5513 3712


  1. omg... it looks pretty and comfy...seems that I am in love too...thanks for sharing dear...

    1. It is really very nice to wear... my feet feels so pampered...

  2. i like the value added to the shoe.

  3. hello
    kezar here
    i have searched a lot on net for medi feet shoes for back paining.
    but all i got is for diabetic people
    please suggest me a good foot wear for back paining.
    and where i will get it.
    thank you.

    kezar palgharwala

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  5. Our feet are the most imperative piece of our body since we can't move without them. In any case, they are the most disregarded a portion of our body. We should deal with our feet empowering us to walk magnificently around. In the old days in India individuals never wore footwear!

  6. The feet is one of the most used up part in our body, imagine it carries the weight of your body all day long. Which is why it is just rightly so that you give your feet some love by pampering them through various treatments. When you pamper your feet, why not look for something that can pamper your body as well like foot detox methods.

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  8. The feet is amongst the almost all utilized aspect in this human body, visualize the item provides this excess weight of this human body everyday. This is why it truly is simply just appropriately in order that you allow your toes many appreciate by means of indulging these individuals as a result of a variety of cures.

  9. Corns are a common everyday foot problem that come about because of friction, irritation or pressure on the bottom of the foot. Corns will show up between the toes as well as on the toes. When the toes do not sit properly/comfortably together or when they are jammed into shoes that don't fit correctly corns will begin to form. I find a website for the Best Shoes for Sweaty Feet. If you want you can visit this site.

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  11. My father is a diabetic patient and he feels pain in his feet while walking and visits Physiotherapy North Ryde regularly. I also want him to buy prono shoes as these look great for such patients so please guide me that how can I order such shoes and the payment method as well.

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  13. One of the best things that MediFeet provide is that they offer comfort shoes for people with bunions. These shoes provide some essential features like wide toe box, cushioning and arch support. so this is the best shoes in my opinion.

  14. thanks for your good health information
    Back Pain

  15. Hi,

    can i have the all the shoe design picture with the price? Can u email to me

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  17. These shoes are great. I think some shoes would be suitable for nurses. I'm looking for a pair of men's nursing shoes like that. But unfortunately it does not seem to have the size and design entirely for men.

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