Nov 2, 2016

Boo, your new destination for Asian Horror is now on Astro Channel 404

Did you know that Asian horror stories are some of the scariest... and there is a story that we Malaysians actually introduced Pontianak to the big screen before the Mat Sallehs introduced Dracula to the big screen.. And well, our ghost stories are also a lot more frightening and scarier then the Mat Salleh's ones......

 So what did you do the recent Halloween (a few days ago?)  

Well, yours truly and her little assistant was over at the APW next to the NSTP Bangsar to check out the launch of Boo, the destination for Asian Horror, from Astro of course, where the creepiest, slimiest, oiliest and scariest crawl out of your imagination to come to horrific life on screen.
Yeah, as you can tell, my daughter is a huge fan of horror movies... she immediately made me subscribe to the channel and has been watching it almost non stop...

Oh gawd... what was that..... jeezzz.... (pardon me... I am writing about Boo and also watching Art of the Devil 2 on Boo at the same time, ok...I think I better turn the volume down and focus here.. that is too bloody freaky, Thai and Japanese horror films are some of the worse.. or do I mean best? They scare you silly... ) And... well, if terror and suspense are your thing, you really have to subscribe to Boo, with all movies available on demand via connected PVR, Astro on the Go and also on Astro Channel 404 in High-Definition starting from 31 October 2016.

Can you believe that we were made to walk through a haunted house and we got spooked out of of things that go bump in the night

After getting spooked, we had some fun taking pictures with the very obliging and photogenic ghosts... hehehe

Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Astro said, “Every person has a scary experience or tale to share; stories of ghosts and the supernatural are so steeped especially in Asian cultures that it is not difficult to uncover a treasure trove of ghost stories .”

“Horror and the supernatural are one of the most enduring audience favourites thus Boo is a well-timed addition to our line-up and we believe that Boo and similar Asian vernacular content will be able to travel beyond Malaysia to resonate with audiences across Southeast Asia."

We also got to see Apinya Sakuljaroensuk who was also present at the launch. Apinya stars in the 2015 hit horror movie, "Grace" , one of the premiering titles....

There will be a new movie premiering every Friday, so there will always be something new to Boo's line-up of slashers, psycho-thrillers, action-horror, and more are sure to give the audience the jitters.

At launch, Boo’s special premieres include the Thai thriller, “Grace”, a movie about a former Internet idol and her number one fan and their attempt to kidnap the Internet idols of this generation; the urban legend of The Little Girl in Red in the Taiwanese movie, “The Tag-Along”; the haunting “Ghost Sense” also from Thailand; and, paranormal Indonesian movie, “Misterius”. Thai and Japanese classics, "Nangnak" and "Shutter", "JU ON: White Ghost & Black Ghost" "Battle Royale" and local favorites, “Jangan Pandang Belakang Boleh?”, “Kami Histeria”, “Hantu Tok Mudim” and “Spicy Killers” are all “scary good” and sure chiller winners.

With all movies available on demand Astro customers are encouraged to connect their PVRs to the internet to access Boo's movies at their convenience or watch them on demand on Astro on the Go in addition to Astro Channel 404 for a monthly subscription of RM6.35/month (inc. GST) starting 31 October 2016. Subscribe to Boo now and enjoy complimentary viewing until 21 November 2016. 

Customers can discontinue by unsubscribing before 21 November at no charge.

Boo is also available for NJOI customers via Prabayar NJOI at RM16.90 (inc. GST) for 30 days and at RM5.30 (inc. GST) for 3 days starting 24 November 2016.

For more details on how to subscribe to Boo, please log on to the website or Astro Channel 200.

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  1. OMG the food looks so interesting and scary to eat too, hehehe. Looks like a fun event.


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