Nov 10, 2016


Bianco Mimosa which has been incorporated back in April 2013 continue to blaze its path to be among the most prestigious fashion house in the region with its new Neo Gladiator collection with the glorious ancient Roman empire as their inspiration.....

  Bianco Mimosa which is actually originated from Italian language, where Bianco means white and Mimosa is actually a Malaysian ‘Touch Me Not Plant, produces beautiful ready to wear clothing collection with fascinating designs using fabrics that are also collected from around the world.

This year for the Malaysia Fashion Week 2016, Bianco Mimosa attempts to resurrect and replicate the high fashion of ancient Rome with their ‘Neo Gladiator’ theme as its latest line of clothing. 
According to the founder as well as the fashion designer of the Bianco Mimosa boutique, Dato Ida Suraya Mustapha, the Neo Gladiator collection was conceptionalized and inspired by the heroic Gladiators that fought and shed blood in the Coliseum back during ancient times, and so, you will find that, the clothing display a bold and brave design and also features bright, daring colours for fashionistas who like dressing well and also to stand out in the crowd.
The line of clothing includes short dresses, long dresses, jumpsuits, t- shirts, jackets and some other pieces with a touch of formal Neo Gladiator rendition created from fabric that has been sourced overseas especially from Europe...
Although the material was imported, the design technique and the creation was inspired and designed specifically by Dato Ida using silk that has been created from carefully selected silk worm cocoons, further embellished with hand embroidery, Swarovski crystals and selected handmade beads for the best creations exclusively for this collection..
The collection was of course, well received by the fashion industry players and stole the hearts of many during the Malaysia Fashion Week 2016.
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