Nov 26, 2016

My cat's life saver: Klinik Haiwan Petcare

Yesterday my daughter's pet cat was lying listless and on the verge of death at the bottom of the cage.. It sure was terrifying to see a normally healthy cat so helpless and lifeless, so I quickly got ready and  we tried taking to some vets, many which were not opened!!! It was definitely a VERY stressful morning...

We finally found a vet which was opened and they told us that Beebo the cat had urinary infection and a swollen bladder. His heartbeat was just so slow and his body temperature was also dropping drastically... he was practically dying. To treat him and get him well would cost me about RM800++ and it could be more at that clinic.

My daughter and I was in despair because we did not have that kind of money to spare.. and when I told my husband, he said it would be humane to euthanize him rather let him suffer further... 

The vet then said they cannot do so and referred me to Petcare. I brought my daughter's cat there with the intention of actually putting him down and out of his misery. 

It was quite sad and he even mewed weakly at me when I opened the door to the vet. I was apologizing to him and on the verge of tears, when Dr Ho, one of the vets called me into one of the rooms and said she believe she can save him. I told her I did not have that much money to spare and she assured me she would do what she can and it would cost me the same as how much I would have had to pay for putting him down and burying him which was about RM200.

I finally agreed and left the cat to her and walk out of the vet with a small spring to my step, a bit of hope and a small prayer of thanks to God...

This morning I went to visit Beebo and he was up... and a feeling of relief swept into me again...

Thank you Dr Ho for being such an angel and rescuing my cat.. She is definitely a wonderful doctor... Klinik Haiwan Petcare is going to be my vet of choice from now on... and I highly recommend it...

Address: 9146, Jln Bandar 4, Taman Melawati, 53100, Kuala Lumpur



  1. Thanks goodness for Petcare dear. I can totally understand your situation. If it was me I would be terrified too.

    1. Thanks Choulyin and I agree it was a terrifying ordeal finding your pet cat almost dying ...

  2. Great post.
    I am a regular customer as I take dogs and cats to this vet. They do a good and professional job.
    My personal recommendations are for Dr.ho, Dr.Christine and Dr.Sam
    They are not just vets but people who also love animals. You can see from their love and care for animals not their own.

  3. petcare is a great clinic and they also have other services such as grooming and boarding for cats and dogs,their vets are also well experienced and their staff is friendly.When i visited they had 5 kittens that were abandoned and left in front of the clinic,they had been caring for them and in a few weeks i decided to adopted 2 of them but currently there are still 3 more kittens.

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