Nov 29, 2016

Honor 8, the device you don’t have to cover up


Everyone should know by now that the gorgeous Honor 8 comes with strong performance dueto its powerful chipset, long-lasting battery, and intuitive fingerprintscanner. But did you know, that the honor 8’s sleek and sexy design has also been turning heads and been the talk of town…

You see, every single detail of the honor 8 was crafted with deliberate visual positioning of each components for maximum styling.

It is undeniable that nowadays we will normally dress our phones up like how we dress up as well but this means it adds up to a hefty cost in the long run.

The lovely Honor 8 comes in four vibrant and trendy colours: Pearl White, Midnight Black, Sunrise Gold, and the unique color of Sapphire Blue. These colors are versatile shades that go with fashion, which consequently makes the honor 8 a fashion accessory. Did you know… with these colors, users can mix-and-match clothes and accessories accordingly.

Image result for honor 8 sapphire blue

Take for example, the Honor 8 with the one-of-a-kind Sapphire Blue variant which is making its way into the fashion world.. it comes with a craftsmanship of the 2.5D glass and 15-layer of glass on the back enhances the beauty of this color variant…  and as a result, you can reflect beautifully with the back of the honor 8 and stand out from the crowd. The Sapphire Blue is a trending color in fashion and the honor 8’s Sapphire Blue clearly shows that Honor aims to meet fashionistas’ needs. The combination of Sapphire Blue variant’s blue and black shades will help users make a bold fashion statement and represent their chic personality….

If you are asking why I am waxing lyrical over the Sapphire Blue model but showing my white Honor 8, well, my first option was to get my Honor 8 in this gorgeous shade since blue is also my favorite colour but unfortunately they ran out of stock, so I had to settle for the lovely Pearl White instead

Anyway, I simply love my Honor 8 and firmly believe that my Honor 8 meet any fashion needs whenever any fashionista run out of accessories to wear at events….. The gorgeous Honor 8 is after all made with aluminum alloy and an ultra-narrow bezel design with diamond-cut, smooth, and elegant round edges. So, forget the diamonds around your neck, show off with the sparkling and elegant design that comes with the Honor 8.

My friends often admire my Honor 8 as it is a light and sleek device at just 145.5mm long and 71.0mm wide. It easily slips into your jeans/ pants – just don’t sit on it… , shirt or jacket pockets.

The Honor 8 is a gorgeous, trendy and fashionable-looking phone with a unique glass back, which reflects light beautifully from any light source. This will make fashion lovers outshine the crowd of smartphone users at first sight. 

Image result

Since some users have are increasingly conscious about the type and brand of smartphones they carry, well, don’t be, as Honor 8, could very well become the Gucci of the smartphone world, even Brooklyn Beckham uses it….

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  1. I like Honor devices as well and in fact, was once a user. But I hated that the back button was on the left of the panel, when I prefer and am already so used to having it on the right. If only they have soft buttons that users could customise according to their preference.

  2. OMG, I think I'm going to like more of this phone, not inly because of its functionality, but also because of Brooklyn Beckham!

  3. Love the classy white color! Looks super white and vibrant, love it sleek design too =D

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