Nov 23, 2016

8 kid-friendly places in Singapore you should not miss

Since the year end school holidays are already beginning, it is probably the time to plan a nice family holiday… Singapore is can be an amazing place to visit with your children... and here are 8 places you really have to bring the kids that I really recommend all parents planning a holiday with their little ones, but even if you are not a parent, these places are just as amazing to visit...

1) Universal Studios Singapore.. Universal Studios Singapore has an enticing selection of attractions, rides and entertainment for families and thrill seekers. It is said that 18 out of the 24 movie-themed rides there are specially designed just for the Singapore park.

You will find seven movie-themed zones, each which are uniquely designed. Take the time to go on each of the rides which will leave you amazed and thrilled. My daughter had the time of her life there… she is 12 years old not and her favourite rides would be the Revenge of the Mummy, Transformers, Puss in Boots and a whole load more, of course, do not miss the chance to take pictures with the mascots that will appear from time to time….

2) Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest and Flower Dome...  Just right next to Marina Reservoir, you can find the gorgeous and fascinating Gardens by the Bay with its very breath-taking waterfront views. This multi-award winning horticultural destination spans 101 hectares of reclaimed land, and is made up of two main areas – Bay South Garden and Bay East Garden.

Bay South Garden is the largest of the gardens. You can find the massive Supertrees here. These tree-shaped vertical gardens are between nine to 16 storeys tall. Walk on the suspended walkway between two Supertrees to enjoy a bird’s eye view of the gardens. I missed out on the opportunity as it was raining when I was there and the walkway was closed. Be sure to see the light and music show at the Garden Rhapsody amidst the Supertrees happening in the evening….

Bay East Garden is perfect for a nice picnic with your loved ones with its lush lawns and tropical palm trees. From the waterfront promenade, you will see a picturesque view of the city skyline.

Do not forget to pay a visit to the Cloud Forest. Within the enclosed compound, a 35-metre tall mountain is veiled in mist and covered in lush vegetation amidst the world’s tallest indoor waterfall. Here, you will find plant life from tropical highlands up to 2,000 metres above sea level. Forget about my daughter but I was also at awe with this fascinating place…

The Flower Dome replicates the cool-dry climate of Mediterranean regions and houses a collection of plants from deserts all over the world and it changes seasonally so it is always different and magical everytime you visit… my daughter who hates taking pictures could not resist whipping out her smart phone to take pictures..

3) Singapore Zoo is to me one of the best zoos in the world… this beautifully designed zoo has well kept animals that live in naturalistic habitats, you can trek along foot tracks or hop on to a guided tram to see natural wonders like the endangered white tiger and the world’s largest collection of proboscis monkeys.

You can find the exhibits divided into 11 zones, each an amazingly unique immersive experience waiting to be explored! The zoo is ideal for families. Of course, you should not miss any of the animal shows that happens from time to time or animal feeding times if you can….

4) River Safari is a fascinating place where you can meet giant otters, jaguars, manatees, piranhas and pandas, as they congregate in and around the park’s waters. 

And before you visit the two lazy, adorable resident giant pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia at the Giant Panda Forest, make sure you stop by to meet the River Safari Singapore’s adorable red panda. My little girl keep oohing and aahing over it…..

This wildlife park has over 6000 animals, including 40 threatened species, as well as the world's largest freshwater aquarium.

Take the time and explore the Rivers of the World, from the mighty Mississippi to the impressive Yangtze.

Do not miss checking out some of the mega-creatures such as the giant Chinese salamander, the world’s largest amphibian, and the endangered giant Mekong catfish, which can grow up to two metres long.

5) Night Safari is the world's first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. Personally I cannot get enough of the Night Safari…. It is an open-air zoo set in a humid tropical forest that is only open at night. It is divided into seven geographical zones, which can be explored either on foot via four walking trails, or by tram. 

Sadly when I was there, there was a heavy downpour and I missed the performance and Creatures of the Night show…

The animals of the Night Safari, ranging from Indian rhinoceros, lions, tigers, hyenas, wolves to tarsiers, are made visible by lighting that resembles moonlight. Although it is brighter than full moonlight by a few orders of magnitude, it is dim enough not to disturb nocturnal and crepuscular animals' behaviour.

The naturalistic enclosures simulate the animals' native habitat. Animals are separated from visitors with natural barriers, rather than caged, similar to the Singapore Zoo's open concept.

6) Lee Kong Chian National History Museum is a wonderful natural history museum with lots to learn and see. Specimens were aplenty, and ranged from the microscopic to the real dinosaur specimens and even a real sperm whale skeleton.

 Very intriguing place!

You have to set aside a good 2-3 hours to fully explore the place. A small outdoor eco garden is present on the upper floor, where real mangrove plants are planted.

7) Adventure Cove.. is an amazing place to beat the heat and get up close with coral fishes.. and if you have the budget, sharks, stingrays and dolphins…. You can find seven thrilling water rides, such as Pipeline Plunge, will get your heart rate up while dropping you down an elevated chute and then sending you careening down banked turns, radical twists and dips before splashing out in a pool of water.


But if you want is a lazy day in the sun, grab a friend and a tube, and take a leisure ride down Adventure River, drifting past 14 stunning habitats including a lush jungle garden, a mysterious grotto and an underwater tunnel with a sea of marine life swimming above and around you.

My favourite and what makes the adventure cove special for my daughter and me would be the Rainbow Reef,  actually allows you to snorkel in a lagoon with ‘Dory’ and 20,000 friendly fishes playing hide-and-seek in the man-made reef.

8) S.E.A Aquarium has many fascinating marine creatures like the leopard shark, goliath grouper and squadrons of manta rays and yes, you can even peek at the dolphins…. My daughter definitely loved it here….

However , as you stare at them swimming in the aquarium, you may wonder who is actually watching whom. Are the marine life here ogling humans like two-legged mammal exhibits from the other side of the glass tank or are we the ones looking at them… hehehehe

The S.E.A aquarium here within Resorts World™ Sentosa is a magical marine world with more than 100,000 underwater animals from 800 species, swimming in 45 million litres of water and well worth the visit….

Of course, that is not all there is to Singapore kid friendly places, as there are many more places like KidZania, Trick Art Museum, Jurong Bird Park and so on... but these are my favorites....

So here is hoping that this helps in your planning if you are contemplating a trip to Singapore with your families....


  1. Thanks for the tips! will check them out when I'm in Singapore.

  2. wow really nice list. thanks for consolidating everything under one post. very helpful!

  3. woah! There're actually so many fun interesting places to explore in singapore beside USS.

  4. Singapore is indeed very kids friendly place and you will enjoy the time with kids.


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