Nov 30, 2016


Yours truly here was over at the Pelikan Store to check out the range of stationery they had there and also their art class… The 900 sq ft store has a clean and contemporary design with everything under one roof.. from essential stationeries for school and office use, as well as lovely schoolbags and matching accessories from herlitz, a subsidiary of Pelikan and also party supplies such as balloons, banners, gift wraps by Susy Card and shredders and laminators from Geha

Pelikan is after all an established German stationery brand that has been around quite a while… I can distinctly remember saving hard for a set of gorgeous colour pencils just because I wanted to be ‘cool’ back then… and yes, the pencils and other stationery were all in my wish list too…

Did you know that the company was founded as an ink and paint factory by chemist, Carl Hornemann in Hannover, Germany in 1832… yeah… that is how old the company is and the Pelikan logo is also one of the oldest registered trademarks in Germany…..

Pelikan is best known for their products that inspire creativity and imagination, that allows people to express themselves in diverse ways from painting, drawing or writing…

Pelikan Store is having Back To School End Year Sale 30% untill 2nd January 2017.
Pelikan Store is having an art class every Saturday . There are 2 sessions, at 3pm & 4pm (1hour). These art classes are conducted by an experienced art teacher and it is only RM15 for members or RM20 for non members …

To be a member, it is so easy… all you have to do is ‘like’ Pelikan Malaysia’s Facebook page ( OR follow on Instagram ( malaysia), head over to the Pelikan Store at The Gardens Mall, approach the Pelikan staff and show them the Like/Follow to be entitled to: a Mystery Pelikan gift and a Free Pelikan membership (one year validity) before 2nd January 2017……

Do keep an eye /ear out as I learn that there is also a School Holiday programme for this art class, so these are some of the things you can do with your kids to keep them occupied this school holidays or leave them for a bit while you run your errands around the Gardens /Mid Valley…

And for those of you shopping for your children or nephew/ nieces heading Back to School … you might like to check out the new campaign ‘Best Friends’ which introduces new products to the market as well as lots of fun and exciting events as well as the awaited colouring contest offering amazing prizes….

The colouring contest will be open to 3 different age groups with 2 contest stages… Stage one which is ongoing now until the 31st January 2017 where participants can send in their artworks through mail to Pelikan, then stage two is when the shortlisted participants will then battle it out in a live colouring session in March 2017- date and venue tbc

Be sure to join in if you have very good colouring skills as the prizes are really very attractive…. Where you can win cool gadgets such as iPhone, iPad, GoPro Hero 4 and Nintendo 3DS or even some cash prizes amounting to more than RM30000…..For more information, please visit

Space+ paintbox 12 and 24 colours, with matching water containers, The Space+ 12 blue premium paintbox for more fun painting, made of sturdy material - ideal for children. It comes with 10 extra large mixing pots, an easy to clean mixing tray, easily replaceable paint bowls and I love how easy you can keep the colours in space-saving storage all within the small daughter loved it too…

Coloured pencils – 12, 24, 36 colours and Jumbo 12 colours …  Ever since I was young, I would envy those who had the gorgeous Pelikan coloured pencils… so this is definitely highly recommended… the colour pencils by Pelikan guarantee a smooth appliance and their varnish corresponds with the colour of the lead. I also love the soft break resistant leads and 100% excellent coverage

Brush markers 12 colours - The Pelikan Brush Markers 12 colours is a great beginner brush pen for lettering and drawing. The ink is vivid, toxic free with lasting colours. It is safe, reliable and environmental friendly for comfortable and smooth writing….and the plastic components are made of medical grade PP material…

And those are some of the best products there which I personally love and recommend…
Do also take the time to check out the new Pelikan online store I happen to have a RM20 discount code for you all to use  code BTS2016 , all you have to do is pick whatever you like and then enter the code during checkout.

Followers will also enjoy Free Shipping for purchases RM100 and above to Peninsula Malaysia and RM200 and above to East Malaysia from now up until 2nd January 2017, how cool is that….


  1. wow...i like to shop in stationery the colour pencil!!

  2. This sounds like a lovely store. I always like to check out the stationary.

    1. that is just like me too... i love checking out stationaries too

  3. so colorful 0.0 lf i am still a kid, i would definitely nag my parents to get everything for me. Love the paintbox especially. =)

  4. Awww~ I miss school. How I wish I can back to school like old days.

  5. I like their products, a trusted brand especially during my school exam times :)

    1. i know right... i wanted some too when i was a kid in school

  6. Very colorful place I must say! Kids would love to shop here...

  7. I hope that many more people will find out about your blog.


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