Nov 21, 2016

Smelling great with Syahirah Vitalis EDC......

Personally for me, I think smelling nice is very important if you want to make a good impression on anyone... Nothing turns me off more then bad body odor. Some people might give the excuse that they cannot afford nice perfumes, but guess what, it is not quite the truth, not when there are some great and very affordable fragrances around...

Recently, Syahirah, the brand exclusively for young Muslim women launched its new fragrance collection in Malaysia – Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne.

To be honest, when I first heard about it, I did not think much about it... but guess what, I took a whiff and I was pretty much hooked and impressed..... Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne enables a woman the opportunity to have her own signature scent to be recognizable among the rest. It pretty much embodies everything with its international fine luxury fragrance and this suits the woman of success, elegance and glamour. After successfully introducing this fragrance range in Indonesiait has become the number one fragrance of choice and the fragrances were selected based on the latest trend from the international fine fragrances.

When you wear a fragrance that matches your inner aura and character, it will definitely  boost your self-esteem to interact with everyone around you as well as make others feel pulled to bond with you.  Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne paves the way for success and relation with others through the power of scent.

Just spritz just a little bit of the fragrance of your choice from the new elegant glass shaped bottle of Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne and show off your confidence. Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is certified Halal by MUI for a peace of mind for Muslim users. Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is designed in bold gradient colours to differentiate each from its character.Each spray will definitely trail you with the loveliest scent that will “ignite your charm reach your star”. 

Check out the latest range of four lovely scents and notes for every woman to choose from:

1. Haute Couture
Believing in yourself is the first step to ace the daily challenges to be at the paramount of success. The combination of floral scent, woody, and green leaf of Haute Couture exudes freshness and inner beauty that enhances self-confidence to achieve success in life.

2. Femme Chic
The combination of exotic fruity floral fragrance with lush fruity elements of sweet nectarine, juicy mango and strawberry with luscious bouquet and sensual vanilla musky undertones for extra-long lastingness. It represents elegance, in the sense that it is not just about featuring a luxurious dress in your outfit selection but also being able to ignite a beautiful aura deep inside of you. 

This is my favorite scent... I think... but then again, off of the scents were just so sweet...

This fragrance comes with Floriental Fruity notes, noticeable and unique lingering fragrances empowers you to pursue your dream to be the most gorgeous and fabulous persona on the red carpet and being the most sough-after name in the entertainment life. The famous and adored character of yourself will surface after each spray, unleashing your inner celebrity to the world.

4.Glam Star
This is the scent that speaks glamour, bubbly, and having that glittery fun of being the center of attraction or simply the life of the party. Filled with the fragrance of Floral Fruity Green notes, you will be undoubtedly noticeable and glamour in any social events or even in your daily struts everywhere.

The fragrance bottle is small enough for you to carry it around in your evening purse or tote for that extra boost of confidence.

Syahirah Vitalis Eau De Cologne is priced at RM19.90 for 100ml and available at leading hypermarket, supermarket & pharmacy. 

Get yours quick and reach your star! 


  1. menarik..mesti bau die sedp..beg tu lawa betul

  2. Your posts are good and easy and your pics are just amazing.Thanks for all the hard work and dedication you have put into this…


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