Nov 22, 2016

Protect your family and loved ones with ZEROMOS

Mosquitoes might be tiny but they are among the most dangerous creatures in the world. They are the source and carriers of deadly human diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, dengue fever and more recently.... Zika. unfortunately, we live in a tropical country where mosquitoes thrive and it does not quite help when we have some irresponsible neighbours who let mosquitoes breed in their pails, pots, rubbish area etc...and yes, believe me I know how it feels when my husband was in hospital for dengue and then it was my elder daughter and me... it is sure no fun being in the hospital being warded for dengue, rather a painful experience since the doctors have to withdraw blood from you every day to check on your blood platelets and have you put on the drip...
As a mother, it is my duty to take care of my family and try to protect them from harm..and I do so hate the helplessness and I also hate it when they come fogging because someone in the neighbourhood has fallen victim to dengue or so...because of the smell and because of the thought it might cause adverse effects in our small kids...
Recently someone introduced me to Zeromos which is made from Citronella oil, one of the essential oils obtained from the leaves and stems of different species of Cymbopogon (lemongrass).
Zeromos is a great product to use as they have no contact with our skin at all, and is 100% plant based and chemical free. Zeromos do not contain DEET.  Best of all would be the fact that they are pretty affordable... at a very low cost....
How to use Zeromos - 
Just use about 5 drops of Zeromos in your oil burner with a little bit of water or diffuser as it is an essential oil type of mosquito repellent....yeah... it is so easy my 12 year old does it for me every evening in our room...
The scent is very refreshing and calming.... and you will find your home free of mosquitos... . For those who are looking for a safe anti- mosquito solution be sure to check out Zeromos.....


  1. Omg. Definitely have to try. Never know that something like this would be exist.
    Thanks for sharing Kak Miera :)

  2. Wow surely would try this, i have so much at my home and i have a dog and a cat. Mosquito's also are very harmful for pets.Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Definitely will try. I am anti-mosquito they don't give any good. And omg I'm scared of Zika!

  4. My house got lots of mosquitoes. I should burn this instead.

  5. This is such a great product! It is natural and smells nice!

  6. First time heard about this. Im gonna give a try this product!

  7. Of all the blogs that advertised products, this is the good one. It saves lives.

  8. Of all the blogs that advertised products, this is the good one. It saves lives.


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