Jun 20, 2014

An exciting morning pretending to be a masterchef...

Yours truly here had an exciting morning playing at being a chef. This happened at the Dumex Mamil event my colleague/ boss Mr Jocko signed me up for at the At 19 Culinary Studio along Jalan Dungun.
I turned up expecting a mundane event but was pleasantly surprised instead with the hands on activities we had to participate in..

We learned to make our own wheat germ pizza and yours truly here had to prepare and knead the dough and also the toppings. Check out the pictures above and below.... 

the recipe

what do you think???!!

Thank you To Dumex Mamil , At 19 Culinary Studio and Blooggers for this awesome opportunity.


  1. Hi Miera, ur pizza looks delicious. Much much better than mine. Ha ha ha... Nice meeting you on that day...

    1. thank you dear Jane... huhuhu... I overloaded on mushrooms... coz I love mushrooms.. hehehe


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