Jun 4, 2014

Why we should support and like PLKN

Pusat Latihan Khidmat Negara (PLKN) which is implemented in our country is supposedly a combination of military training and cultivation of patriotic values ​​for the younger generation to instill love, affection and love of their country. This program differs from those of other countries because of the usage of our own modules  tailored to our country's social, cultural and economic situation.

With changing times and the current way of life, most of our youths are spoilt, complacent in life and not know the meaning of hardship or sufferings that their parents or grandparents had to go through in the past. PLKN acts as a mechanism for the formation of much more aware, independent and self-discipline teenagers. Self-discipline is afterall the foundation for any success.

The program is also able to strengthen their young minds after having to undergo training, mental challenges and physical endurance.

Through this program, young people from different races, cultures and religions gathered together in one platform to nourish the spirit of unity. This is because while going through the program they will stay together. This is good because nowadays in school, many of our kids do not mix with friends of other race and religion as freely as we did back in our days.

PLKN trainers also help the trainees  understand the way the country which includes the land, the people and is administered through the system administrative rules. Program implemented in PLKN covering modules, namely physical training, team building courses, character-building courses and community service.

The students will learn marching, unarmed combat, first aid, cross barriers, and with parents approval; how to handle a firearm the right way and sport activities. Through this military base, teenagers are exposed to leadership skills and life initiatives.

To sum it up, the local National Service or "Program Latihan Khidmat Negara" will benefit our youths and the country.

My son has been in the PLKN for just slightly over a month and I have seen and observe many positive changes in him. He is now more self assured, self disciplined and matured. I am proud of the man he has become.

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