Jun 29, 2014

Counting my blessings

Today is my birthday and also the first day of Ramadan. I am in the last 30 series now and will be turning 40 next year...
Life has been a roller coaster of many ups and just as many downs.
I am blessed to be surrounded by my husband, mother and awesome children. I also have many great friends and people who look out and care for me as well as supportive relatives. My dear cousin who never fail to back me up and advice me.

I am taking some time out to count my blessings. Although life is not a be of roses for me, these people make my life worthwhile and meaningful.
And well.. Before I complain about being "shoeless" I am bless to be able to struggle through this life in relative comfort. I have love and support .
I have a great job that enables me lots of free time to be with my children and also take care of my husband when he is unwell and also other family members when the need arises.
I still get to travel a little, also eat good food and enjoy life.
So, no matter how hard life gets.. Life is not that bad anyway...
And this year gave even more little surprises.. My stepdaughter gave me a gorgeous bunch of orchids, my little girl and my son is present at my birthday and gave me some handmade magnets from the aromatherapy shop, husband bought me a great meal the other day at  Dakar Sushi.. And the list continues...
Thank you God... 

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