Jun 19, 2014

Mamil urges mothers to focus on gut health -Mamil kicks off campaign to raise awareness on the importance of guy health in children

In an effort to raise public awareness on gut health in children, Mamil, a brand of growing -up milk by Danone Dumex (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, recently launched Mamil "Let It Out", an educational campaign that aims to help mothers better understand the importance of gut health in children.

The campaign was hatched to address common digestive discomforts in children, which often lead to straining and passing of hard stools. From June to 10th August 2014, Mamil is conducting activities on gut health that will help educate and engage mothers, including road shows and learning sessions on the gut health in children's development.

Speaking to mothers at the launch,  Christiaan Uittenbosch, Associate Marketing Director for Danone Dumex (M) Sdn Bhd who is a father himself, said, " Through this campaign, Mamil aims to provide parents with the right information on the importance of taking care of their children's gut health."
Mothers, who attended the launch, heard from Goo Chui Going, dietitian and adjunct senior clinical lecturer from International Medical University Kuala Lumpur, about how diet and nutrition play a role in children's digestive health. Goo said the types of solid foods or liquids a child consumes affect the stool size, colour, consistency and frequency of bowel movements. Children should be encouraged to eat foods rich in fibre such as fruits and vegetables to help move bowels regularly.
"For children, getting the right nutrients is essential in their daily routine, especially during early childhood. This is why mothers should give their children a healthy and balanced diet to help promote regular bowel movements and a healthy gut,"stated Goo.
The role of fluids and exercise in maintaining a healthy gut, Goo also emphasised. For children two to three years old, it is recommended to keep them hydrated with one to two glasses of plain water daily, and six to eight glasses for children aged four years and above. When it comes to exercise, children will benefit best if they clock in at least an hour of moderate intensity activity, such as cycling and brisk walking every day.
The gut plays an important role in other areas of a child's health,  such as ensuring the proper absorption of nutrients and supporting a healthy immune system. A poor immune system can make a child susceptible to diarrhoea and infections, which could lead to loss of appetite, decrease in nutrients intake, malabsorption and eventually, undernutrition. When a child is undernourished in his early years, this can affect his brain function, behavior and performance in school. This is why a healthy gut is important to ensure nutrients from food are effectively absorbed.
To strengthen the gut health of children, mothers can consider to choose growing-up milk that has prebiotics - a type of insoluble fibre that stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria for better bowel movement and overall digestive health. According to the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents (2013), it is recommended to take two to three servings of milk every day.
With years of extensive research, Mamil is the only growing-up milk formula that contains a unique Prebiotics Oligosaccharide Mixture scGOS/IcFOS (9:1), which is scientifically proven to support a healthy gut environment. The unique combination of nutrients helps strengthen immunity and support a stronger protective barrier or the gut and help soften stools.
Mothers are encouraged to try Mamil for seven days and see the difference. From June to 10th August 2014, mothers can experience the benefit of Mamil for free in selected locations. There will also be special promotional discounts and fun activities for the family, such as a play area for kids and a photo wall .
To find out more about the campaign, roadshow dates and locations, and other activities, please visit www.mamil.com.my and www.facebook.com/dumexmamil

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