Jun 21, 2014

Of birthdays and wishes

                 the good times

My sweet step daughter celebrated her 20th birthday today, 6 days earlier from her original birth date. In 8 days my niece will be 19 and I will be 39.

My sweet step daughter had a lovely birthday at the Concorde Shah Alam coffee house.. With close friends and many family members attending.

My husband decided to put up a night there which was lovely except for the fact he wasn't too well and I was worried sick over him as well.

It certainly put a damper to the mood and atmosphere. 

He hasn't been well these few months being pretty weak and even went through second mild stroke which was even worrying. 

I am one of those people who never really have a wonderful happy birthday with balloons, confetti and surprises. I guess it is not in my fate.

But this year, I would settle to see my husband recover well and live well for the whole family. I would be contented to give up 10-15 years of my life in replacement to seeing him full of vitality and vigour again. If SOMEONE out there is listening.. Please grant me my wish/prayer...

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