Jun 15, 2014

The daddy-cated father...

I grew up lacking a father's love or care. And almost did not believe in anything like a father's love.
My parents were divorce when I was three and I never got anything from my so called father or his family since I was not the son they wanted. I never had anyone wish me happy birthday or send me a birthday card nor anything at all from my father's side of the family. They totally washed their hand off a worthless baby girl once my parents were divorce.
But this man made me believe in father's love again and at times make me envious of my kids.
My husband, Dzul Rashidi is a wonderful and doting father to his children.
They always come first. Whenever they need assistance, he would willingly part with his last RM50 just for them.
As his children are staying with their mother, there are moments when he pines for their presence and nothing makes him happier then they coming for a visit or to spend time with him.
He is also a very caring and concern step father to my two children.. And of course our youngest child.
So the question now is.. Will he come first when he is in need of their care?
This was proven yesterday when he got very ill and his children came to his aid though slightly a bit late because they were busy with other things as well.
Without their help, their father probably won't have gotten medical care as he was really stubborn and even his mother and I had a hard time convincing him to get medical care quickly.
He probably wanted some attention from his children before doing so. I just hope they realize what a treasure they have in their dad even if he at times do some embarrassing things and treasure him more.
I am sure if I had that kind of father, I would have been an even more successful, confident and positive person then I am today...

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