Jun 18, 2014

Sunburnt....and the savior...

After spending a whole day in the water park, the other day with my little girl minus a sunblock which I being such a block head forgot to pack my sunblock and so I ended up with the mother of all sun burns.
My shoulders suffered the worse. Fortunately, some friends/colleagues of one gave me some aloe vera mask from Korea and using this on my face was exceptionally lovely... And it was not painful as it would have been.
Check it out.. Try to find in any of the Korean shops around, if not, if a friend goes to Korea.. Make sure you ask them to buy some for you to use....

Thanks to kak Ena and Inn (FFG, PMB) for my masks...

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  1. sunburn can be painful.. saw my bro gets before so I know need bring sunblock if travel. I brought 3 bottles of to Krabi and finished 1 bottle, brought back 2 bottles sunblock.
    yes Aloe vera is good too.. remembering bought 1 tube from Guardian bargain sales.


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