May 4, 2015

Affordable Seafood in Pasir Penambang

Pasir Penambang is a Chinese fishing village town across the river from Kuala Selangor, located at left right after crossing the bridge. Kuala Selangor is situated at the main saltwater fish catching area of western coastal of Peninsular Malaysia. Kuala Selangor became one of the main fishing villages because of the Selangor River (Sungai Selangor) is one of the natural fishing boats docking area (Fishing Boat Jetty)

Seafood is definitely one of the main attractions in Kuala Selangor, and many visitors from  Klang Valley goes to Kuala Selangor to taste the famous, cheap and fresh seafood served in an assortment of dishes.The majority of the seafood restaurants here are  Chinese owned but they are pork free, so therefore suitable for people do not eat pork.

It is definitely a must go place if you are a seafood aficionado, because the seafood here is very fresh and very affordable. 

A day trip to Kuala Selangor will notbe complete if you do not a seafood lunch or dinner at one of the Chinese seafood restaurants (with a view of the river) here. So, since we were there at Kuala Selangor,we decided to stop by for a good family meal!!!

Our restaurant of choice was the River View Seafood Restaurant. The signage is in orange, and big, so you cannot miss it.. However , there is but one problem here... getting a parking.. especially on weekends and public holidays...

There is a huge stone crab in front of the restaurant and pictured here, is my lovely step daughter Alyssa....

The view of the restaurant. It is open air and you can enjoy the fresh river breeze... It can be a little bit warm but with the fans, the heat is bearable.

 Mind you, as you can see, there are no prices on the menu, and that would normally be cause for worry, when you are eating in some fancy restaurant, but in this case, rest assured as I can assure you the prices here are very reasonably priced and affordable...

My lovely family.......all hungrily anticipating our seafood feast...

The cutleries come in boiling hot water for sanitary purposes and a small plate of garlic and cut birds eye chillies or chilli padi is served

And our dishes starts coming out... starting with Butter Prawns....a must have for prawn lovers.

Claypot Tofu with squid, cauliflower, peas, carrots, mushrooms and baby corn... I am a big fan of Japanese tofu so this was my must have...

This here is the Soft Shell Crab fried with Salted Egg was crunchy and absolutely finger licking good...

For vegetables, we had the baby kailan though it did not quite seem like baby kailan to me... errmmm or did I not recognize my vegetables...however it was really fresh and crunchy, and well flavoured...

Then last and not least, our choice of fish, the Seabass steamed with their Special Sauce... which was intensely flavoured with sweet, spicy, and sour all at once... lip smacking good.... but then again, I always preferred my fish steamed...

Ok.. the damage?? How much did you think my meal for 6 people inclusive of drinks, rice etc cost???

RM200? RM300? RM400?

I think if I had ordered the same things here in one of those seafood restaurants in Kuala Lumpur , it would have cost me that much!!

But we only paid RM177.50 for all that, inclusive of GST!!! Amazing huh. Actually , to tell you the truth I was expecting my bill to be RM200++

Let me do a little run down...on the bill

Soft Crab   3 x RM8  =  RM24.00
Prawns   1 x RM40  =  RM40.00
SeaBass  1 x  RM49   =  RM49.00
Beancurd    1  x  RM16    =  RM16.00
Vegetables    1  x  RM12     =  RM12.00

and the other stuff were coconuts, lychee drink, rice, tea, towels etc...

The River View Seafood restaurant is built on stilts across the shore, with a magnificent view of Bukit Melawati, mangroves and you can just enjoy the scenery and sights of boats floating lazily across the river..

The view is absolutely calming and peaceful....

Anyway, do check it out when you are in Kuala Selangor...

River View Seafood Restaurant 

No. 1 Jalan Pasir Penambang 
45000 Kuala Selangor 
Tel: +60 3 3289 2238 

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