May 14, 2015

Bio-Life Astaxanthin Review and the Women in Red

My friends all got their Bio-Life Astaxanthin early... for me I got it a bit late as I missed the Pos Laju sender and I was too busy and only got to pick it up a few days later, so up to date, I have taken Bio-Life Astaxanthin for approximately 12 days.... but hey, this is really good stuff...

What is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid, found in nature primarily in marine organisms, such as microalgae, salmon and krill . It is the pigment that provides salmon with their pink-red color.

About Bio-Life Astaxanthin:

This convenient One-A-Day dose is derived from the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, nature richest source of Astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin used in Bio-Life Astaxanthin 4mg capsule is cultured and extracted under a unique and controlled technology and is very suitable for vegetarians..

This is my picture before I started consuming Bio-Life Astaxanthin. I have a fair skin and easily burn in the sun. As you can see I was on a trip and after walking a lot, I was quite red in the face. 

Besides that I have the problem of dry skin, pigmentation and breakouts whenever that time of the month came around. It was frustrating.

And as age is busy catching up, I also got tired pretty easily. There was once I dozed off while in a traffic jam and ended up hitting someone's bumper which was both thankful because it was a very slow crawl and horrifying.... and I also suffer from a lot of aches and pains, running after family members and so on....

When I first consume Bio-Life Astanxanthin, I did experience some itching on my face and body, it as however very slight. I do not know if it is one of the side effects or now, but after 3 days of consumption, that disappeared...

This is me, a couple of days ago... at another event, Maybe you are not able to see the difference but I feel the difference when my skin did not burn or start peeling like they do when I get sun burnt, and I find there are no breakouts in this duration ever since I started on my Bio-Life Astaxanthin and definitely less backaches and more energy, as I feel much more alert then before...

Thank you Bio-Life Astaxanthin 

For more info about Bio-life

Anyway, if  you are interested to find out more about the products , there's product launch on this tomorrow, don't forget to head to 1 Utama Shopping Mall, GF Centre Court (old wing). 

Take a picture or two, and feel free to come meet us or take a few pics with some of us bloggers or other celebrities, we will be wearing red, so you probably can't miss us...hehehe... post on their facebook wall, and win a box of Astaxanthin 30s worth RM100.70 for Free!
Venue: Centre Court (Old Wing) 1 Utama Shopping Centre


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