May 30, 2015

On the red carpet with PERFECTO POPCORN

Popcorn  is  a  classic  snack  loved  by  all,  especially  moviegoers.  Nothing makes  a trip to the  cinema  to watch the latest movie or blockbuster better then delicious  fully coated  popcorn.  I know I always have to have my popcorn before I head into the cinema hall or I would feel something missing....

Yours truly here was invited to the launch of PERFECTÒ POPCORN, which is coated to PERFECTION Bringing the luxury movie experience to your doorstep, the PERFECTÒ way ... and I tell you, they are amazing!!! I love these popcorn!!!

PERFECTÒ Popcorn comes in three classic flavours, Ultimate Caramel, Chocolate in Love, and French Vanilla  to  cater  to  every  palate, and as seen in these pictures, even the celebrities that attended the  PERFECTÒ Popcorn red carpet event love the taste... Tasha Shilla loves the Chocolate Perfecto and if you see in her Instagram she said it is " sooo chocolate perfect!" and even Kamal Adli and gorgeous supermodel Amber Chia loves it....

The event was followed by the movie 'Spy' but unfortunately because of a little time mismanagement on my side, I had to give the movie a skip. However I had amazing movie mates... Julia Ziegler was seated a couple of seats away from me and obliged me with this picture too... huhuhu

Mamee  Double  -  Decker  is  currently  in possession  of  more  than  36%  volume  share  in  Malaysia’s  snack  market,  to  which PERFECTÒ Popcorn is now proudly part of the company’s offerings.

 The launch of PERFECTÒ Popcorn saw its guests, including me, arriving in style as they walked through their very own PERFECTÒ Popcorn  red  carpet  experience.  It was truly an amazing moment....

There were even  paparazzi  around that snapped our perfect red carpet style, and we were certainly tempted with a special selection of canapés, mocktails, and heavenly desserts infused with the popcorn flavours . 

What came in as the highlight of the event is an enactment of a thriller movie that stirred the excitement of those who were present with interest and also some laughter...

The PERFECTÒ Popcorn launch then continued with a photo opportunity with the VIPs and  the guests were all treated to a luxury movie experience while they got to tuck in on their  PERFECTÒ  Popcorn  whilst  enjoying  a  special screening of “SPY”.

The  popcorn  promises  gourmet  flavours  because  each  peice  is  100%  coated. Furthermore, the packaging carries a classy movie-look, bringing you closer to the perfect movie experience. 

PERFECTÒ Popcorn  is  an  affordable  luxury  snack that  is now  available  nationwide  at  the  retail price  of  RM4.50  for  the  small  pouch  (85g)  and  RM7.50  for  the  big  pouch  (160g).  Very affordable, yummy and definitely compatible to the luxury popcorns that has been popping up all over now which cost more!!! What is not to like about PERFECTÒ Popcorn??

For  more information, visit PERFECTÒ’s official Facebook page at



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